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[TKO:CANCEL] Village 1 available on Dec 3rd?
I'm torn between volunteering and airsoft+clubbing...

Can I still sign up by monday?
Yes, but please do sign up quick. This is less than 1 week away.

Life26 & WeirdRajah, how are your tentatives coming along? Reckon we can convince them to join?
They are confirmed. Now I have 5 guests.
That's brilliant!! Thx!!
Hi Q do you know how many are coming in total now?
and we have now 6 are confirmed on my side include me

(28-11-2011, 09:01 PM)WeirdRajah Wrote: Hi Q do you know how many are coming in total now?
and we have now 6 are confirmed on my side include me

I count 18 overall. Smile

WeirdRajah - can you please sign-up using the sign-up sheet? (You need to be logged in to see the button to sign-up).

Here's the link:
All right, I'm officially in right now.

So... any car pool perhaps?
@Ace5Kills, I've got a car pool but mine is currently full with 5 ppl (car rental). I don't know if anyone else is renting cars.

Tentatively this is the team split.

Red Team
  1. Geri
  2. Midori (Tentative)
  3. Chiba
  4. Koji
  5. Wired
  6. Ace5Kills
  7. Hanako
  8. Q
  9. jpau

Yellow Team
  1. Life26
  2. Life26 Guest #1
  3. Life26 Guest #2
  4. Life26 Guest #3
  5. Life26 Guest #4
  6. Life26 Guest #5
  7. Chaos
  8. Chaos Guest #1
  9. Shadow
Hi Q

Since the weather forecast isn`t looks great for this weekend and my other 5 confirmed guest canceled for the day
So I am also not decide to as attendees I deeply apologized for that.
hope we can play the airsoft on next year Big Grin
can i join sir?
WeirdRajah, that is sad to hear. In the future though, please note that cancellation can only be made based on the field policy. Let's just say as an organiser, if the field doesn't let me cancel, I don't want to be stuck with a penalty fee.

jpau, sure if it's not raining but I think there's a high chance it will rain.
Hi Q
YES I understood of this matterand incase of penalty fee I am willing to pay for myself as my responsibility I think so please let me know this then and hope you guys have fun overthere
Guys, sadly this game is now canceled. The field was gracious enough to let us cancel now instead of tonight but it helps to make our plans easier. No penalty fee. I'm truly sorry we couldn't get together for one last time in 2011 however please stay tuned for 2012, TKO will be organising more games.

Thank you all for your support this year and I wish you all a very festive December.
It's too bad the weather didn't cooperate. Anyway, we'll be looking forward to future games with TKO. Thanks Q!
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
The good news is, the owner was telling me about the new field he is setting up. Converting a hotel (love hotel?) into a field...

We're going to try and book this as soon as it opens in January.

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