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Real steel custom by & 31 Souls Project raffle prize. Only 3 are made I believe.

Simply beautiful :-
[Image: AR15Receiver2.jpg]
[Image: AR15Receiver1.jpg]
Beautiful... for public only apparently since no automatic.
Loving the design and ambidextrous bolt and mag latch. Very nice color too.

with the technology now, you can customize your gun anyway you want. found this one recently. ive been looking for a good ar-15 pistol model for my prowin.
U're's my latest addition to my Sopmod :-

[Image: MagpulReceiver1.jpg]
[Image: MagpulReceiver2.jpg]
Q, are you sure that is compatible with the Sopmod? Looks pretty good.
It's designed for the Sopmod Big Grin.
Pretty sweet indeed. Any price tag on that? Just as an indicative info, I already spent way too much on my EBB for this year. Wink
mid Y20,000 mark incl custom work done by someone else.
Nice one Q!! I'm totally going to ask you for more details later!

What I really want is the limited lower like this one.. (at one stage (prior to getting into airsoft) I was thinking of trying for the real steel - would be a fun build for back home)..

[Image: dsc_3116-tfb.jpg]
Nice, is that an all custom lower receiver, or did you get a blank style one and then have someone laser etch it Q?
This is the one that Echigoyaworks (engineering division of echigoya) has been working for quite some time.

They will start selling this by December 1 (tomorrow) which is also the opening of their Yokohama Branch.

Echigoya Yokohama


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