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Flag Hunt? Airsoft version of speedball?
Was checking out some stuff on the Marui homepage and came across this event announcement.


Looks like this is a game of 10 vs 10 in which you try to capture a flag as quick as possible on a small closed filed made up of large air-filled cubes.

Youtube had this...

Is this the end of Airsoft as we know it or is this the next step?
I hate the idea of games like this, but love the idea that maybe this will cut down on some of these guys going to public games or booking wooded fields so that people that want to play in those environments can.

What do you guys think?

Another video (Japanese) of the creator of the game talking about the game. According to her it is a new sport that is girl friendly, and is different than Survival games because people that play survival games are into it more for the guns Smile
The inflated cubes remind me of playing speedball games of paintball back home. It was a quicker variation on the traditional paintball, and matches were usually over pretty fast. In my experience, one rarely cut into the other. Most paintball fields in Canada would have a the smaller speedball field sectioned off for people who wanted that, and the regular field in the back. I think it could be interesting to see if it draws in more players from different walks of life, not everyone is in it to get super kitted out or mil sim it.
It's paintball with BB's.

It's also why I havent played airsoft in Japan more than three times, Japanese airsoft is much more like paintball than what you'll find in the US. I've been keeping an eye out for MILSIM here but I've given up hope on that.

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