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Former Magpul dude, Travis Haley, talks airsoft
Neat video of Travis (i.e. the dude without the beard in the Magpul videos) talking about cross training advantages of airsoft.

And he's a TM guy! Woot!
When I saw this a few weeks ago and showed it to the boys in the office we had a chat about his choice of guns. I was surprised he decided on EBB over gas guns, as I thought gas would have been even more realistic. I really had a sense that Marui was involved in this. The fact that he had two Marui guns and Marui BBS just seemed like a stretch, and it smelled like a marketing tie in to me.

I know that Marui has never really designed for any market other than Japan, but maybe they are using Travis for his barnd recognition from his former Magpul days. Now that Costa has left Magpul, maybe they will approach him as well.

Anyway, checking over on the Marui site, I couldn't help but notice this...
Good chance of a tie up, since he's independent now he can take outside contracts. Costa is opening his own training school, but I would not be surprised if he and Haley teamed up for something new. That said, his video was about cost effectiveness of airsoft training, and generally speaking AEG is a little cheaper than gas to run, although I guess in the US a tank of propane is pretty cheap. Recent moves by Marui to get official licences makes me think they might be trying to take a more active role in getting into the international market. A video with one of the more recognizable gun instructors in the world is probably a good start.

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