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[FOR SALE] Liquidation sale! AK's, real steel and more
I'm greatly reducing my collection as I no longer have room for so much stuff in my tiny apartment. I havent played airsoft in a year and a half so I think it's time I get out of the game. Here's what I currently have for sale. I'll be listing this on ebay within the week, I'd prefer to sell local though. I can meet you in Shinjuku to make transactions.

I'll take any reasonable offer for these. Trades for anything but airsoft will be considered.

1) Genuine Pantac AK Chest Rig.
Used twice. Can hold up to 12 AK magazines, behind the magazines is a pouch for a SAPI plate or for utility use. GREAT chest rig, review here

2) Flecktarn belt

Qith two flecktarn pistol pouches. New condition

3) Flecktarn Knee and elbow pads.

Used condition with scratches. Fit well and didnt slip much.

4) Flecktarn leg holster
can hold large frame pistols, up to a Skorpion! Has one magazine pouch.

5) Genuine Israeli M-15 Gas mask

Includes functioning gas mask canister. Can also include an extra if needed, in good condition. Shot point blank at 500 FPS to test the lenses, not even a mark.

Will include the 1point and 3 point slings for free to anyone who buys an AK.

[Image: OZ314.jpg]

6) Genuine Russian 1Pn34 NSPU Night Vision Scope

This is a real Russian night vision scope used by elite russian special forces in Afghanistan and later. It's a generation 1 scope, however it's built with THREE gen 1 tubes back to back! It requires NO IR illumination and is extremely sensitive. Advanced features like auto shutoff to prevent damage and a built in light filter for daylight shooting. Used once, less than 3 hours use on the tubes, BRAND NEW! Includes replaecment eye cover, ballistic Cams, cleaning rags and fuses. Rewired to accept standard AA batteries.

These are not for sale online, this is a rare collectors item.
Heres a video of it in action.

[Image: GEnlY.jpg]
[Image: 4W8cz.jpg]

7) Airsoft Claymore

Comes with a remote detonator (if I can find it in time). Otherwise it can use a tripwire. Launches BB's 30-40 feet depending on angle an BB weight. Hilariously fun to use, very effective in tripwire mode. Fishing line works best. Remote works out to about 150 feet line of sight.

8) Mode 2 Silencer

Filled with foam Standard CCW threading Has scratches

9) Replica aimpoint

No magnification, red dot style. Used condition, needs batteries.

[Image: Eu7Ju.jpg]

10) GHK Gas Blowback AK105

with *8* Magazines! Each Magazine holds 60 rounds, enough to last for an entire game! Includes NPAS bolt, needs to be adjusted by hand, cant find the little allen wrench for it! Latch that keeps the stock folded broke off, so the stock doesnt stay shut. EXTREMELY loud on the field, very intimidating.

Magazines were 50 USD each, the gun was 350 new. That's a total of 750 USD + the NPAS + Shipping. Spent close to 900 USD on this gun.

Video of its type in action

11) PBS 5 Silencer

Metal "Baffles" inside, covered with paper towel for additional sound reduction. Works EXTREMELY well! Another rare item you dont see for sale

12) Replica Kobra red dot sight

Fully adjustable, with four or five different dot styles. Good parallax, very usable. Great condition

[Image: GtDNk.jpg]

13) TM AK74M Electric Blowback

Upgraded by Grant at Epowersports LLC in Honolulu Hawaii to be just under the Japanese .98j limit. Clocks in at .91j! Tightbore barrel and ported piston. Includes two lowcap and two highcap magazines as well as FOUR batteries and one charger!

[Image: QnMgO.jpg]

I'll be throwing in BB's and misc items I have laying around the apartment for those who buy sets.
Will take TM AK74M. Can I get discount for PBS also?Blush
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Its all yours! PM me and lets make arrangements!
PM sent Big Grin
While taking more pictures I think I decided to at least keep my Magpul FPG. Undecided about selling my MP-9. Any interest?
What the whole set of gear looks like put together.

[Image: cEjGv.jpg]

The Marui AK and PBS are sold!
Trade you an MP9 for a G36 GBB Smile
Damnit. As much as I would like as g36 gbb I just don't have room :/
Stuffs going up on Ebay Thursday. Last call!

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