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Old Batteries Are Dangerous
Just thought I'd share a bad experience I just had, which involves yet another battery, but this time not the dreaded LiPo, just the same ol NiMh

[Image: IMAG0785.jpg]

This, is still a bit of a mystery to me. I was changing the inner barrel of my M4, plugged the battery to test fire, and as I start handling the AEG, I see something shining on the table along with a strong burnt smell. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that the shining thing was the end cable of the battery being alight because of a short circuit of some sort. I unplug the battery right away before having a real fire going on, and it stopped as the cable popped free from where it was soldered to, as it's seen above.

Left a nice burnt mark on the wooden table I was working on, but the what I don't understand is how the short circuit could have happened. The fuse on the AEG is still fine, nothing burnt on the cables of the AEG, so it could only have been something going on with the battery itself, a cable a little loose, which probably moved when I plugged it.

This was the first battery I had, so bought over 3 years ago at Echigoya. Not a good idea keeping those for too long I'd say...
Can i ask the voltage, mAh, and brand of the battery?
I own a whole slew of batteries from echigoya, and yours kind of resembles one of mine.
King of Questions
Echigoya made, 8.4V, 1600mAh

I'll take a pic of the front, I still need to dispose of it.
Sorry, completely forgot it, here it is:

[Image: IMAG0786.jpg]

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