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[WANTED] Magpul PTS ACR flash hider, suppressor, PMags and ranger plates
Anyone sells PMags, flash hider, suppressor and ranger plates? Preferably dark earth or black. Also looking for flyye, crye, or eagle multicam accessories and BDU. Thanks!!!
BDU & MC stuff, YGPM.

I have 6xPMags in black too with ranger plates (can't decide if I wanna get rid of the ranger plates yet though).
120 round PMags?
Yep...they are. Let me get back to you about it soon.
Sorry it took so long. Yes I'm prepared to sell my black P-Mags with Ranger Plates. Even @ Happoya they're Y15,040 (6xPMags @ Y1840/each and 2x3-pack Ranger Plates @ Y2000/pack).

Would you take Y10,000 flat?

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