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Feedback Please - Tactical Performance Corp
Hey all,
Wondering if anyone here has any experience with the quality of gear made by Tactical Performance.

I am looking to get some stuff from them and wondering if anyone here has dealt with them.

They used to supply to Phantom Web years ago. They still do but now with their online store, ppl tend to buy direct. So, my old TPC MC BDU (my 1st MC BDU), BSV vest, misc pouches and more recently my (and RON's) A-TACS are from TPC.

They're also official licencee of A-TACS :-
I thought I read that was were you got your stuff. Dis you buy theough phantom or direct? How was shipping to Japan? Fast, expensive?Is it quality gear?

My UR Tactical MC Direct Action pants are severely fraying and the stitching has come out in a few places leaving holes that I have had to re sew. Looking for a new brand.
The early MC gear (BDU, BSV, pouches) were bought from Phantom. The BSV is the infamous Y61,000 vest Anarchy, myself, and Gerwalker bought. In fact, Gerwalker wore it at Sat's game.

The A-TACS was direct from their online store. Now this isn't a very good test 'cos we ordered the A-TACS before it was available so RON & I must have waited 3 months for it (didn't pay in advance though...just special e-mail order, then when they had masses, we sent them the money). I'll take a look again when I get home tonight but I'd say the stitching and material are reasonably good. Shipping was somewhat expensive for RON's any myself totaling to close to $100? And very strangely I had to pay Californian tax ('cos that's where TPC is based - although their factory is in Philippines).

If you want I have another UR-Tact which I don't use. Can sell that to ya Big Grin.
Depending on the price of the TPC pants, Crye Precision is also a good quality alternative... again, depending on the price!
[Talking about Pants only]

The issues with Crye are that aside from their price of $180-$202, are their lengthy wait times for delivery (as noted in your order in MCA - when did you pay and only when did you get your stuff?). We don't really want Ginga to continue running around in his shredded UR-Tact until it's worn down to his underpants. But of course, if time and money is not an issue Crye's nice.

UR-Tact is in the $135-$165 range, & TPC is $125-$145 range. And as far as I know, short wait times if you're not ordering something brand spanking pre-advertised new stuff.
Alright I see, TP is indeed less expensive than Crye, I was actually looking at their A-TACS line and it's pretty sweet, might end up taking some next year.

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