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Ycare's TM M4 EBB Upgrades
Oh and btw thanks Ginga for the video, will be very useful!
Looking good YCare.
Barrel changed, thanks Ginga! That barrel was super tight to remove the first time, but I finally got it.

Output wise, seem to have risen a little bit, though only a meager ~0.03J in average. I had a 0.84J at one point, which was the highest I ever had with that AEG so far. Still a little far from what I was hoping for though... Let's seen how it performs next weekend, hopefully the output won't affect too much the range (?)
FYI, Dytac released dimpled barrels like I originally wanted (damn it!)

Looks pretty good, but I'm all set now on my side. Smile
sweet! with all the upgrades, is it possible just to buy the internals, like the mechabox and such, rather than buying the whole gun?
Well I still use the mechbox, the motor, the hopup, the lower & upper received and EBB system/buffer tube. So that's still quite a lot in a way. The challenge I guess is to buy a separate EBB mechbox with the blowback system. If you can find it, then you could build from scratch.
Looking at the parts guide in the Marui manual, I think it says you could order a replacement mechbox for about 14,000 yen, but I'm not sure how you go about that.
Hey Birthday boy, whilst I'm advising others on Arnies, this may apply to you too. Check out BumbleBee barrels. They have cavities (bigger than my custom barrel cavity!!) that may be able to take your lipos in your Omega rail :-

In case you wonder who stocks Bumblebee parts, Air-borne Shinjuku.
Thanks Q, will take a look, but I have a nice solution sorted out now with a LiPo in a PEQ box on the rail outside, working fine for now Smile
I edited the first post with pictures and better feedback. The Omega rail is awesome, but the rail are a bit tight for Magpul stuff somehow. Removing that AFG is going to be a bitch...

Also, I was afraid it would end up being very front heavy, but I found a tiny square LiPo to fit in the empty PEQ box which is very light, and that Harris bipod (a real one btw, found for cheaper than Chinese copies on is also surprising light, it's totally fine.

That bipod is a bit small though, as I wanted it, and the standard M4 magazine gets in the way, it can't rest only on the stock when loaded, but that's not a problem since I'll be holding it anyway.

[Image: DSC_0175.jpg]
I read on Arnies recently that the Madbull Omega rails aren't to spec, and the rail positioning is giving people problems when they try to mount things. Maybe that is the issue? I am sure a rubber mallet will get the AFG off for you Smile
That might be it indeed. And yeah, I guess it will be doable, but will be hell. On the other side the QD swivel I have for the bipod attaches flawlessly, a bit strange.
Had the same issue with trying to get Magpul stuff on my Madbull Diablo rail.
Actually, now that you mention it Drifter, I lent my MBUS to ThunderMidget a while back and we had a hell of a time getting it on the Diablo rail he has as well.
Alright, I caved and got the dimpled barrel. Also my flash hider was rusting (crappy iron) so I got the Madbull upgraded version in Aluminum. All fits very nicely, a hell of an airsoft gun. Super accurate and a pleasure to shoot.

[Image: DSC_0209.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0210.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0211.jpg]

I grew fond of the brownish look of the Madbull/Daniel Defense "Dark Earth" RIS. It's not like any other color but at least it's quite "unique".

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