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Hello guys,

I put for sale an Ares Tavor Tar-21. It's the Dark Earth model, long barrel (Tar). It's stock, I did not change anything inside it except cutting the spring to make it legal.

It's output ranges between 0.85~0.92J last time I clocked it, so it's completely legal, no worries on that.

Changing the spring can be done very easily since there is a quick access at the back of the mechbox, and it's how I did it myself, I never actually opened the mechbox, just sprayed some lube through the spring access.

It's in great condition, aside of the rubber of the stock which is a bit scrapped, there are very little signs of usage. Works fine too, no defects that I can tell although I never opened the mechbox, it performed fine so far.

The red dot sight, laser pointer, mount and ladder cover are not included, the rail is though, and I even still have the box for it. It comes with one mag and any classic AEG M4 mag will fit just fine.

It takes mini type Ni batteries, plenty of room for it.

Really accurate and nicely balanced AEG with a good body finish, a real catch.

Sold, please archive/delete!

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