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Finding your pix/threads/posts on other websites
Just Googling for AnakChan, I came across quite a few sites where I find my pix copied or quoted, or URLs that point to my site :-

Korean Site
(My P90 Sniper, #27)

French Airsoft sites
(The Scorpion Angle Toggle Switch Pix #4)
(softairman quotes a link on my battery)

Airsoft Forum
(2nd big pic of the ACR hop)
(My sopmod mechbox)

Houston Airsfot
(My vest collection)

(My Ops-Core Helmets)

Airsoft Barcelona
(My G-Hop pic #3)

(copying my entire SCAR-L review pix!?)

(copying my SCAR-L again)
(my mechbox link)

Some Chinese site?
(my mechbox again)
(my P90 link)

Italian site
(my MIAD vs VFC grip)

Edgegamers (Gaming forum?? No idea!)
(My P90 Sniper)

(My 4G beveled back)

(copying my China pix! 3rd from the last)
Wow... seems like you're quite famous Big Grin
Not trying to be a dick, but what's the point of this thread?
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Anyway you want to perceive it. In my case, case scenarios of how far ppl linking to my pix/site and not asking me for permission.
Yeah, this started happening to a bunch of my pics when I do review of gear on forums. Pissed me off a bit too so I started adding a watermark. Then adding the watermark was more time consuming than anything else so I gave it up...
since i was advertising mine, it did freak me out a bit that even popular airsoft used my mask videos without even asking me first. i guess the argument was, they were helping me out anyway.
Hmm, interesting stuff. I suppose if they're not profiting off of your videos or images in some way, it's kind of ok?
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"

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