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[COMPLETED:TKO: 5th Nov '11] Area 51
Managed to secure a ride, so I am in. Has been a long time! Looking forward to it!
Ginga, I hope getting raped too hard won't make you reconsider attending the Embassy game! Wink

Have fun guys, I'll be in Taipei when you play. Smile
Game is on Big Grin...C U guys there.
Have fun guys!
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Thanks for organizing Q. It was nice to play after suck a long hiatus.
Here are some pics

Facebook photos.
Please let me know if you want the hi-res original, or if you would like your image removed. Feel free to grab a copy for your own pages if you would like.

Video coming soon.
Good work buddy! Great video and photos! Thx!!
Thanks Q, for all the organization and work! It was a great casual game to get back in to airsoft after a long absence! Thanks to GingaNinja (Leon?) for all the video and photos too; they look great!

Hope to see everyone next game in 2012!

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