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[COMPLETED:TKO: 5th Nov '11] Area 51
Hi all,

The field has been booked! TKO is organising a game of max 20 ppl at Area 51.

Member Signup Sheet:

Organizer: TKO
Date: 5th November, 2011
Time: 8 a.m. gathering (games 9 a.m. -> 5 p.m.)
Price / 料金: Field is JPY 20,000 - so the more people attend, the cheaper the per person price is.
Field: B
Location: 千葉県香取市片野167
Access Map: / アクセス:
Area 51 Website:

We will have some people coming by train, so we can share a taxi.

What you need
1) A gun (and spare if one breaks)
2) A sidearm/pistol! (we will be playing pistol-only games)
3) As many low or midcap magazines you can carry or 1xhigh magazine per game
4) Biodegradable BB's only (please be environmentally friendly)
5) Spare batteries
6) You can choose what to/or not to wear but remember it's an open woodlands and it's warm, good boots that you're prepared to get dirtry.
But minimum :-
a) goggles
b) gloves
7) Plenty of fluids!!
8) Bug Spray

[RULES / ルール]

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :


1) [C] Sean
2) [C] Chiba
3) [C] Geri
4) [C] Jason
5) [C] Hanako (Rental)
6) [C] Yoan
7) [C] Hiro (Rental)
8) [C] Lionel
9) [C] Luther
10) [C] Tohru
11) [C] Samson
12) [C] Leon
Damn... that day I'm whether in Taiwan in a company trip, whether stuck on a DB migration project going live on that weekend...

Sorry Sad
Updated to Area 51 cos min 10 confirmed took too long to reach so we lost Splash Bamboo.
Hi Q! Can we over twenty people on this site? I'm talking to some newbies and they seem interested.
How many are you thinking of? Let me know 'cos I think we can go a little over 20 but not by that much.

Edit: Actually you may notice I have 7 tentatives above. So I'm guessing not all of them will come. So let me know your numbers anyhow. I do look foward to playing with you guys again too ;-)
I will let you know as soon as I have confirmations.
life26, I guess you're not able to get anyone else to join?
I would love to go, but I've been super busy on the weekends recently and with the Earth Embassy game the following weekend I'm going to take this one off. Have a good time!
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Earth Embassy game is two weeks after this one Thunder.
Q, do you have anyone traveling from the Ikebukuro area that I could ride with? RooBoy will be out of town, and I have no transportation. If I can hop a ride I would like to join in on this as I haven't played for a LONG time.
I'm guessing Yoan will be riding his bike there, whist Tohru, Lionel & Luther would probably go on another car.

But Geri, Jason, Samson, Chiba-san & myself are going to meet in Ebisu & rent a car to drive up there. If more people need transport, then maybe my group can rent 2 cars and split. Meeting point may be a little more tedious though but definitely open up to ideas if anyone wants to suggest alternatives.
(30-10-2011, 12:25 PM)Q Wrote: life26, I guess you're not able to get anyone else to join?

Sorry, I didn't get anybody to say yes. Maybe next time.
OK, NP. Cheers for trying anyway Big Grin.
I will be your 12th if you need somebody, but I don't know anyone, other than Lionel, on your list, so not sure who to contact about a ride. Would you mind acting as an in between, or pass along some contact details, Q?
I think Lionel's your only hope at the moment. My rent-a-car has 5 including me & the others are making their own way there. As such the only one left would be Lionel's crew. I'll ping him to see if something can be arranged between you guys. Will get him to ping you.
OK, I will ping him as well.

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