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Starting a little later, and finishing with some dusk games
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[INVITE] FTT Games - Earth Embassy - Sat 19 Nov
Hello everyone!

With the success of the last KiwiGlen/Ycare game at BB Jungle, we decided to organize again a legendary day!

So here is a new game organized in coordination with the FTT group, It's on a field where some of the long timers of TKO already played once, a field actually not really a field called "Earth Embassy" quite close to the Mount Fuji.

Here are the details:

Maps, Sign-up sheet etc found at http://www.fireteamtokyo.com/?p=465
And Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=258851034151755

Location: The Embassy (privately owned land)
Address: Yamanashi-Ken MinamiTsuru-Gun Narusawa-Mura 8529-74 (山梨県南都留郡鳴沢村8529-74)
Type: Large Outdoor Wooded valley
Minimum: 12 people
Price: ¥1,000 yen
All fees will go to the field owner

Quote:Access Details
This field is located behind the Earth Embassy's Solar Cafe. You can find transportation details on our event page. Car pooling will need to be arranged by the players, but car rentals may be a good option. Free parking is available.

This event will be held on privately owned land. The field is in a large valley behind the Solar Cafe. There is a small camping space above the valley that can be used to set-up, but we will not return to a safety area between games.

Due to the large nature of the field and the lack of a safety area, we will play longer games with respawn and infield reloading.

There are no supplies on site, so players will be responsible for all equipment. We will try to bring a few extra masks, but there will be no rentals or spare weapons.

We will break for lunch, which you can bring, or order from the cafe. Ordering from the cafe is recommended as the more business we can provide the owners the more likely we will be able to use this space again.

We have been told that there is no time limit on the field so we could also play a few rounds of night games if people want to bring their lights, but as it is in the woods, this may pose some safety concerns. We will make a game day decision about this.

As this is private land, we ask that only natural colored BBs be used. No white or beige BBs. Green and brown are best, but black is also OK. Bio BBs only.

The field itself is 80% forest, with a valley surrounded by a ridge that can be travelled along. There are thick bushes, fallen trees, and thorn brush. We recommend heavy clothing, quality footwear and gloves.

We will chrono all weapons at the start of the day.
We will follow the FTT rule set.

Game details will be announced at a later date, but and questions can be posted on the Facebook event page.

Like I said on the Facebook event page, this field is actually very different from any other field, and the closed comparison I could make would be "a much wilder and larger Splash without any structure" type of field.

The pace for this game will be slower than usual 15mn/20mn games, but also quite more intense because of the layout of the field. There are a lot of awesome ambush and strategic points to consider, and it should be great fun.

Please, remember again: no rentals available on site, please everything you own. We will try to bring extra "earth" colored BBs if people are missing some, a few goggles too maybe, but not much else.

Let us know if you have any question!

Big Grin
What time will games actually start on the day?

Also, for those wanting more information about the field, here is thread on a previous game that was held here (a few field pics etc also).

Thanks chaos for linking to that thread, indeed it's the one I was looking for.

Right now, we're not fully decided on the schedule yet, simply because it's completely open and up to us.
We were half thinking of making it a not too early game, since a bit farther than usual, and maybe finishing on a couple of twilight/almost night games (with still enough visibility to navigate the surroundings). But since a lot of rides will be shared, we can't ask everyone to stay too late, so we're still deciding on that.

I'll update soon once we decide on that, but we might end up with a schedule close to 10AM-6PM.

Feel free to let me know if you have any opinion to voice on that.
Ycare, how about creating a poll to see if people are interested in night (dusk) games?
Good idea, poll is up!
Hmm... I smell some discrimination here against me... Big Grin

Can we camp there btw? I did that the last time I went there... I can also help with the setup since I'll be available early...
sorry ill be in LA during those dates. have fun guys!
I'm up for some hippy hills action! I loved this field the last time we played it. Still early days but will probably need a ride if anyone is offering. Ycare, if you got some room in your....mobile then I volunteer shotgun. Nothing like a drive in the car of a crazed french hooligan to get the pre-game adrenaline pumping.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
how long would it take to drive up there from tokyo?
about an hour and a half I think. There are details on their homepage about buses from Shinjuku...
Sorry I won't be able to make this one, already booked up for work that day, and I'll probably be a bit low on funds due to my vacation earlier in the month.
Don't suppose anyone has a spare icom they could lend me? My one didn't seem to be able to pick up any chatter last time and I don't hold much hopes for it this time.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Hey everyone. We are canceling this game. Sadly it looks like there will be ALOT of rain tomorrow. The field is not rain friendly, and with the lack of a safety area we would be out in the rain all day. Hopefully we can schedule again soon. Thanks for signing up, and we will contact you all again when we schedule our next game.
2nd game within 3 months cancelled because of rain. I'm starting to get angry at the weather.

Fear not everyone though, we will promptly offer another event to help alleviate your need to shoot stuff. Smile

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