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TM AKS74N Folding stock fixator.
I broke this thing today and I do not name of it in English or Japanese (marked with a red circle). It fixes stock in "unfold" position and from the other side it is a release button to fold the stock. So the question is.... what is the name of this thing and where can I find it?
[Image: aks74u.jpg]

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If you have the manual around, go to the page with the dissembled view of the gun. There should be a list of all the parts and what they are called in Japanese. Also there should be a part code and price in case you want to order a replacement from them. Learned this after my own recent stock related TM gun incident Tongue
The thing is......I don't have a manual. That is why I am asking.
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A quick look at my VFC AK manual shows the piece is called a "stock lock button" (makes sense). Dboys makes one you can see here . That said, I don't know if this one will fit your gun (it's EBB right?). Your best bet would be to take it into a local airsoft shop and see if they can order the part from Marui for you.
Thank you. Ordered it at the local shop.
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