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Racing in Tokyo?
I just got my hands on a Celica GT-Four ST205. My first order of business is to put it through its paces.

I was wondering if you guys know of any racing communities focusing on gaijin, or if some of you might race yourselves.
Fuji speedway :-
I dont see anything about race days open to the public...any ideas?
Yep. Not certain if it's a race of if it allows ppl to be on the race track (but then U can race with your friends or whoever). When you go there, you'll need to attend a race-track course and pay a fee (Y40,000??). Upon completion you get a track license. I can't remember how much you pay for using the track though...Y6000/30 mins?

Weekdays are pretty empty whereas weekends are packed. Note since it's open, U could be racing with anything from Porsches to Prius Big Grin.

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