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CO2 GBB Under legal limit
Hey guys,

So now that I played with my KJW M4 GBB during summer time, I reluctantly go back to the AEG, because HFC is such a sucker with colder temperatures.

I started looking around for alternative GBB solution. I understand Propane/Green Gas is somehow not sold anywhere, so I stumbled upon CO2 cartridges, which are purchasable very easily through and what not.

Obviously, having a cartridge voids having to painful regularly reload and also gets completely read of the "leaking magazine" and maintenance issue which is such a hassle with GBBs . Also, CO2 coping much better with cold temperature, it all sounds too good to me.

There are bunch of GBB (both handguns and full rifles) using CO2 cartridges, but most of them are over the Japanese power limit unfortunately. So, any idea and opinions on this?

I'm really hoping to get a nice GBB handgun/rifle combination using CO2 while still being legal on the fields.

Looking forward to some input!

Pure/straight CO2 definitely way over power for any kinda use for JP use in single-BB application. (OTOH, I do have CO2 for Moscarts which is allowed in JP).

Another thing though, those weapons that take CO2 are -designed- to take CO2. If you try just CO2 in your mags, they may blow up on you - be warned this is VERY dangerous.

What you want to do is to talk to Orga at your game this Saturday and ask him about the HFC134a + short burst of CO2 mix (no need to worry about cooldown, consistent power throughout the whole mag unload, etc.). But again very short burst. FYI, you'll need the Madbull recharger.
Thanks Q, I see what you mean. I liked the idea though of just placing a gas cartridge in a GBB mag and not have to worry about the gas anymore, kinda like for this GBB:

KJ Works also do a bunch of handguns with the same CO2 cartridge solution which you just slip in the mag. If there would be a way to make those less high powered, that would be exactly what I want!

PS: actually that link above says 330FPS with 0.20g, so that's pretty close to legal already. Some tweaking might do the trick.
I'd say to ask GasGuns.Info (GGI) for more info. They'll be able to tell you more. I'm somewhat surprised at 330fps with 0.2g CO2 @ 25C. I don't know how much I trust that figure. But go ask GGI. Guys there are gas techs.

I'm almost tempted to think that it's dealt with a short inner barrel so that's how the BB doesn't get over 330fps.

Edit: The more I read this ( the more I don't trust eHobby's figures Big Grin
Alright, I see, thanks Q.

I was also eyeing the alternative of getting a WE GBB with a few of those mags:

But the problem will be the same, I'll need some modding to make it legal here. Damn this is a pain, but it's worth it though, full action gas replicas are much more fun than AEGs, but weather conditions make it too unreliable with HFC.
You should go check out on GGI or on RA-T for a NPAS for WE. You may be able to regulate the power -outside- the mag. I see RA-T sell complete WE SCAR-L with NPAS. But not found the NPAS-only for WE. So it still may be doable. The only thing is that with the NPAS set for JP levels, and using CO2, you're going to get a HUGE kick and therefore I don't know how durable (or CO2-ready) WE systems are.

You may find over time parts may crack or break.
Thanks Q! That GHK PDW looked really good, but it says 400fps with CO2 on redwolf, and somehow, that's more believable. Would CO2 have a big difference with weather though? I was hoping I could use regular gas mag during summer with HFC, and switch to CO2 during winter, but somehow I doubt CO2 to be much affected by those 30 degree difference...

And yeah, I'm aware of cracks and all, which is why I need to get a good quality platform as a base. I'll post on GGI to try getting more info down the road, once I really have the budget for it. Wink
According to Orga, CO2 & weather little diff. But once U go CO2, do you think U'll ever go back Wink??
RELEVANT: Last week at cimax some guys brought CO2 canister powered pistols. One of them was found on the field, and the owner/boss guy had no idea that it was different than normal HFC134 pistols. I am disappointed that people are abusing the fact that cimax doesnt Chrono pistols. I really hope that it doesnt get more popular, or else i might have to sit out the Close-ish quarters pistol games.
King of Questions
On the subject of CO2, has anyone seen someone field one of those weird CO2 AEG hybrid guns?
Drifter> No, and no idea what those are actually.

Vorpal> Well, you don't know if the GBB was legal or not, maybe the guy found a way to make it under the limit, much like I'd hope to do.

There has to be at least one Japanese maker who though about making CO2 GBB under the limit, all you have to do is change the amount of CO2 released with appropriate valves. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet, HFC is such crap.
(14-10-2011, 05:10 PM)Ycare Wrote: Drifter> No, and no idea what those are actually.

Not sure if this is the one people were talking about earlier in the forum, but here's a link showing this frighting near 900FPS gun:

How much do CO2 cartridges go for in Japan?
I was at a public game at No9 a few years ago and some of the players were running compressed air tanks... they were getting some extreme fire rates!

At BLAM many players use CO2 in the winter. They mod the magazines to connect to two small tanks on their belt via a hose. Speaking to them, they can control the power via a dial/regulator that adjusts the amount of CO2 in the mix. Were the players at Cimax doing this? I always found the set up to seem awkward, but the guys I have talked to swear by it.
The rig you mentioned Ginga doesn't seem to be much different from what I've seen paintball players use in Canada. When I talked to those guys about it, they also only had positive things to say about it. It's certainly better than the more common air tank attached to the handle style air guns you see.
Ah, is that what they use for paint ball? I have never played.

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