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The Kill House
We are making a reservation for 12-13th of November, but fell free to join us! We will be really happy to meet you guys!
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
wait, i thought it was going to be on dec 12 and 13th. on my facebook wall?
(09-10-2011, 09:59 PM)wezley75 Wrote: wait, i thought it was going to be on dec 12 and 13th. on my facebook wall?

Surgeon has his own thing going on I think, our group is still planning. Dec probably is the best time. I'll see how my schedule works out.
Yes, Surgeons group already has a booking planned. We are looking at trying to make something happen as well, and that is what we are trying to determine on the facebook page.
In general about the date choices - would suggest November over December, only because there is a greater chance of snow in December, which means some of our city cars will not be drivable.

Also on a side note, Nov 12-13 is not doable for me.
Hey Chaos,
I agree, I am a bit worried about December. The hotel that the field ties in with seems to be associated with a ski/snowboard hill, and I am worried we won't be able to book rooms because of all the snow folks.

Can you weigh in over on facebook as well? I would have sent you the survey, but we aren't friends...and I can't remember your last name to look you up Smile
(10-10-2011, 10:33 AM)GingaNinga Wrote: ...but we aren't friends...

gee thanks. Tongue
There are some photos from November's game at that field.
Our team (Mobius) and Nac-Fil team.
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Thanks for the photos... looks like the teams had more fun at the BBQ than the game Smile
We ought to have a game there early next year, that looks like fun!
i was planning to organize a game on the last week of march next year 2012. it will be an overnight stay leaving on friday night and playing on saturday and leaving at night after the game? what do you guys think? so you guys should open up your schedule in march for this game coz this is gona be the AWESOME!
Photos from the second day

GingaNinga, you are right! Our Japanese part of the team likes dressing and eating more than playing.
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
hi guys! this might be a very late notice but the guys up in nagano are inviting people interested playing in kill house this sunday may 13th. understandably its mother's day as well. would anyone be interested?

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