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[NON-TKO] Public, Sept 25th BCU or BLAM [Completed]
Me and Weazly are heading over to Battle City Union this weekend for the public game there, anyone is free to join. If the weather turns bad, back up plan is going to BLAM.

Field info here:

Hope to see some of the team out there!
dangit, id go, but i promised my bros we're going to kawagoe on the 24th...
i'm in! and a couple of guys from astig are coming too.
(23-09-2011, 07:39 AM)wezley75 Wrote: i'm in! and a couple of guys from astig are coming too.

You'd better be showing up, you're my friggin ride! Good to hear about the ASTIG guys, more the merrier. Just a note, I'll post if it's BCU or BLAM here the night before based on weather, so people have enough time to get their directions straight.
my buddy just got a neck injury - anybody got an open seat for me?
cool! we have one more! daiba station would be convenient.
hope others can join us! wana beat the sh@t out of the other team.
if you go to BLAM I might join you there.
Well the weather is looking pretty great tomorrow, so it looks like BCU. If anything changes I'll post here, but as of now we're BCU bound. Hope to see some of you out there!
[Image: battlecity924068.jpg]
[Image: battlecity924008.jpg]
[Image: battlecity92412017.jpg]
[Image: battlecity92412011.jpg]
[Image: battlecity924032.jpg]
[Image: battlecity92412001.jpg]
[Image: battlecity924026.jpg]
it was a fun day until one of the japanese guys shot me in the back with a M249, 6 shots landed, i was about 15 feet away while i was walking away with my hands raised up high. he simply said, sumimasen.. and i just had to say B@#E4O! well its a game. but it was really fun hanging out with Chris, Dave, and Marsh.
Thanks for the ride and everything Wez, was a great day!
Zero, you got one sick setup, loving it! That harness must be a pain moving around though, you left it wide enough maybe?
Quite the opposite really, I really like the harness, it's like one of those pistol belt things Drifter was rockin that day, but it stay put, and it doesn't really bounce around a lot. I'm also really use to it, so it doesnt bother me at all.
Thanks for the pics Wez, and thanks to Zero for the vids. Had a fun time and the weather was great.
no problem. always a pleasure.

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