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Airsoft/Gear shops in Taiwan
Hey guys,

So I have a company trip in Taiwan/Taipei early November, and was hoping to get some cheaper gear/airsoft parts there. Anyone with an address to recommend?

I already looked up Hurricane, and will try to make a stop at their shop, hoping the address on their website is actually not their factory. That is if I'm able to pinpoint their shop on Google maps which I can't right now...

Anyway, recommendations, anyone?

Lemme check around my house I know I grabbed some business cards when I was there. There is a street in Taipei that has a row of Airsoft dealers, near the popular Shilin night market. One is an official G&G dealer, but they sell other stuff to. I don't know if you'll get amazing deal, but the selection is usually solid and the Taiwan made stuff is quality.
Hmm.... If you're interested on surplus army gear, you can go to Guilin Road, behind Laosung Elementary School (老松國小‎). There is a whole row of army surplus stalls over there... I recommended you to buy Army undershirts (the one with 陸軍) since it's dirt cheap, only around 50-60 NT$ (around 150 yen) each and you could probably get a discount if buying in bulk... besides, it is located very close to city center and Lungshan Temple, so it's very convenient.

here's the google map link

As far as I know, shops that I went to when I was there was not really inside Taipei, so I probably won't recommend those shops... if you've more time and want to survey the area around Taipei, you can go to Hxiang Jun Opticals...

here's the link for the shop's homepage

and the google map

There is another shop that I'll recommend, but you probably have to meet him around Taoyuan Station (40 mins from Taipei Station)

here's the link for his shop

just give him a call
name: 高國偉 (Kao Kuo Wei)
Cellphone: 0938377785

I don't know if he speaks English or not, but he's a good seller and a very yasashii guy Big Grin ; just mention my name (Lin Wei Yu) or that I'm the Chinese Indonesian who shopped at his place around last year and he could possibly give you a discount

There is also a shop inside Wan Nian Building (萬年大樓) around Ximending Area, but it's more like a militaria shop instead of Airsoft Shop

PS: don't forget to eat Ding Tai Fung's Xiaolongbao Tongue
Thanks a lot guys! Drifter, do let me know if you find the name of that street.

Ace, thanks, will make sure to visit some of those places you recommended. Smile
Alright, still no card but I figured out one of the stores I went to, and around there was a 2 or 3 more. I used the VFC dealers list and through the magic of google translate. I found to the "Hammer corporate social" in Shilin, so you can use that address to get the general location I was in. If I remember correctly the store is located across from a small public park area, and then around the corner from them is 2 more shops. Also, one of those shop owners indicated that there were a few more stores down the road but I did not investigate. I recommend going to Shilin in general, the night market there has some great food. I recommend this fried chicken thing that is sold right when you get out of the station and head to the market. Just look for the long line, you'll see it.
Alright, sorry I thought I replied to that. I'm actually finally going there on Friday till Monday, and I got two days with nothing to do since all my coworkers are girls and they want to go to onsen and get massage... so yeah, I'll definitely give a try to those addresses, thanks guys.

Hxiang Jun opticals

Google map coordinate is 25.059088,121.295248

it's located under Taiwan's Shinkansen/high speed rail track and stand next to a big apartment

There is a 7-11 right next to the army surplus shop ally, so it'll be hard to miss
Thanks Ace! What's this one? Optics of course? Smile
Well... mostly they sell inexpensive airsoft gear and some not so expensive optics as well...

BTW, in case you have to call them...
Phone number 03-3129132
Cellphone 0976439785
Cellphone 0936410349
Cellphone 0935168288

Hammers airsoft is a great shop too Big Grin

Have a nice trip and enjoy yourself in Taipei... Don't forget to visit night markets
so.... How did it go? did you find anything good?
Sorry, forgot to follow up ^^

Yup, was really nice, but unfortunately I could only go to one shop which I did on Saturday. I wanted to go again on Sunday, but of course, unlike Japan, everything was closed Undecided

From Hammer Hobby I got a nice Hurricane XPS3 red dot sight and a Madbull RIS rail for another later project and that's pretty much it. Was quite cheaper too, much cheaper than buying in Japan or even online.
There were a bunch of nice full metal gas handguns too, but I knew it would be problematic to bring back to Japan. The most frustrating was seeing all the big cans of Green gas for almost nothing that I couldn't bring back because of airplane regulations.

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