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Ops-Core Acessories
Now that we seem to have a mini-core of Ops-Core owners, I thought I'd start a thread about Ops-Core Accessories.

Namely I'm trying to find out the availability of the Revision Faceshield (product on the left) :-

[Image: vas_chart_middle.jpg]

I think this is a part of the Revision MPAS/Batlskin set (go Google to get more info about it or go to GearScout).

I'm sure if I can find a seller, there may be a few of you Ops-Core owners keen on the Revision Faceshield.
Mmmh, thanks to Revision going ahead and making their own helmets, I really doubt they will be providing the competition (Ops-Core) with their Faceshield since it seems to be a unique feature of their Batlskin.

But btw, I got the NVG mount for my GoPro since it was finally released, and got an extra shell for it that I painted. Here's the result.

[Image: DSC_0094.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0095-1.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0096-1.jpg]
I think you're missing the point about the Faceshield. It -is- for the Ops-Core (I took that pix from the Ops-Core page). That's why I'm trying to procure one.

Yep, I saw your pix on MCA. Looking good. I was looking at the Contour adapter but then again, I find video editing a PITA so will save the rails for some other gadget.
Yeah no I know about the Faceshield, but it was announced before the release of the Batlskin, and since both are made by Revision, I'm thinking Revision might be stepping back from it's partnership with Ops-Core. That's a supposition only, but would explain the major delays on the release of the Faceshield, and would make sense on a commercial point of view for Revision.

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