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'TKoverKill' the movie
As the title suggests I am in the midst of writing a short action movie with lots of guns, big bangs, and CGI blood puffs. The film will start off with the players getting ready for their game: the usual pre-game banter and crap we tend to talk about. It will also introduce a new comer of the sport: the noob. The noob with his rented BDU, gun with one hi-cap, and white trainers is somewhat feeling "under dressed" as he looks around at the others gearing up as if it were world war 3. The others reassuring him that everything will "be OK" and hiding behind their hi-tech world war 3 airsoft kit, are obviously keeping something from him.

The rules are explained. The safety guidelines are read and laughed at by all except the non-suspecting new guy. A cheer as the move onto the field and take positions. As the whistle is blown Blue team (noob's team) start moving silently towards the enemy's side of the field. At first there is no sound and no sight of the opposing team (Red team). They stop to check their weapons and plan a manoeuvre when a sudden shot rings out. Not the familiar sound of an electric airsoft gun but a loud shriek and snap of a live round hitting one of blue team in the neck. He falls the the ground as Blue team start returning fire killing the sniper from Red team. The battle is on and its no airsoft game; this is the real deal. As things progress from here you can expect high action and realistic effects. Our noob is totally caught unprepared and he runs back to find cover and as place to hide. He checks to see if the area is clear just as an enemy raises his rifle and lets off a burst. He returns fire only to hear a 'wap wap wap' "what the hell?!" He ducks into a building and checks his magazine... BBs!

So, that's the general idea so far. I'd like to see who'd like to be involved. Obviously I'd need a lot of actors. I'd also like to hear your suggestions for a location and if anyone knows anything about pyrotechnics and smoke. I can do most muzzle flashes, impacts, and explosions in post-production but it would be useful to have pyros and smoke for some effects to look more realistic (like grenades, mortors).

The film will be no longer than ten minutes and the overall feeling I'm after is funny and gruesome.

[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
im definatly interested. my job is being a professional photographer at college games as well as making music videos for upcoming artists - so yea, im definatly interested in participating in this.
I would be interested Tobo.
sounds like a good one! i'm in. village 1 sounds like a good spot for that. i remember the guy had fireworks.
Splash; Village 1 or that field near the mount Fuji, something with some dense vegetation basically I'd say. Any field can be rented, they don't care if we play or not, and it's quite affordable too (from like 25,000 yen for Splash for example).

I'd be happy to participate of course, I have a ridiculous full on WW3 outfit that would fit perfectly for that kind of stuff. Pyro wise, I know the guys from Village 1 organized a blowing up session for fun the last time we went, I'm guessing they would know where to get some more for special effects. The hardest in all that will be getting "real" bullet props and "real" magazine props.

What do you want to do with the story though? Does the noob rock on or gets obliterated? Red team is obvious "bad guys" and blue the "good ones", maybe you need something less "expecting" from that outcome? (blue team calls in an Air Strike or whatever completely unexpected).
Well we are limited to what is actually possible when it comes to airstrike might not look so good. As for real mag props, I don't think this is important as we wont see inside the mags. The bullets are all done in post editing.

I like Village 1 and I was thinking about that place when I started to write this.

As far as the story goes I think the noob will rock up and steal a gun off a dead body and win the day..not sure yet.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
I'd be interested to participate. I can help coordinate with Village 1 - the owner is cool and he's the only one that allows smoke grenades on the field - we need to buy his though (they are legit - same ones the JSDF uses).

I vote Ycare is the noob - just so he can't use all his pricey multicam gear. Tongue On the serious side, who's going to be the noob?? (not it!)
I'm in, just need to buy a fake Chris Costa style beard. I will be "Magpul Guy" Tongue
I'm in too... I could be the "Bayonet Guy"

Just tell me the time and date Big Grin
Tobo, air strike was just the first thing that came to my mind, didn't mean to make the editing hell on earth. Wink

Anyway, I think you'll have the logistic and people for it, now you just need a funny and/or interesting and/or meaningful story/ending, along with a detailed storyboard for everything, good luck buddy, that's the toughest part of the job! ^^ Do ask if you need help.
Cheers guys. Once I've finished writing it (there really isn't much dialogue) I will let you all know. Remember, this is meant to be funny so please think "over the top".
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Sorry, beat you to the beard Smile

I am happy to be the noob if you like. I will play in shorts and a canucks hockey jersey... would be a riot Smile
I'm interested! I just hope I'm available on the day of the event.
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
Sounds fun. Let me know when.
i volunteer as n00bfish, or some random guy.
assuming im free Smile

cant wait to see it finished regardless!
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