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[FOR SALE] Multicam Gear
Item specific:Eagle Industries Plate Carrier MOLLE
Condition: Used, good condition
Material: Cordura 1000D
Main Color: Multicam
Size: Medium
Price: 15,000

[Image: Eagle1.jpg]

[Image: Eagle2.jpg]

[Image: Eagle3.jpg]

Item specific:OPS Ultimate Direct Action Pants
Condition: Used, looks new except the pads fairly used and cut for better fit and more flexibility. Pads can be purchased separately.
Material: Cordura 500D & NYCO Ripstop
Main Color: Multicam
Size: Medium-Long
Price: 10,000

[Image: Pants2.jpg]

[Image: Pants1.jpg]

[Image: Pants3.jpg]

Item specific:OPS Improved Direct Action Shirt
Condition: Used, slight decoloration and Lycra a bit picked.
Material: Cordura 500D, NYCO Ripstop, Lycra
Main Color: Multicam
Size: Medium
Price: 5,000

[Image: Shirt1.jpg]

[Image: Shirt2.jpg]

[Image: Shirt3.jpg]

I'll put all those on Yahoo Auction but offer the deal first to TKO members.

I'll also put a few Multicam pouches soon, admin and mag pouches.

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