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[SOLD] Tokyo Marui M4 Sopmod EBB Custom - 35,000 OBO
Hi all,
Selling my last remaining electric gun.

Kit includes
- M4 Sopmod
- Knights Type Trigger Guard
- G17 type grip
- Systema M85 spring
- Promethius 550mm 6.03 inner barrel
- TM silencer
- two batteries
- charger
- hardcase
- one hi-cap magazine
- one regular magazine
- KM 407mm inner barrel
- Sling Attachment (ASAP type)

This gun has been around the block, but is still in excellent condition. ThunderMidget bought it used from Echigoya about two years ago and sold it to BeaverAssassin. I bought it when BA left for Canada a few months ago.

When Thunder owned it I added the M85 spring and that brought the power up to mid 90's. The long inner barrel increases the power a bit more, and creates a great designated marksman type set-up.

When I bought it from BA I pulled the body apart to give it a good clean, and also installed a new hop bucking.

Feel free to ask any questions.

This gun has been in the family for a long time and has served well. I would like it to go to a good home in the TKO community if possible, but will be forced to Yahoo it in a few weeks if there are no bites here.

I also have a black Magpul PTS front end I can throw in for free, or a tan CASV front end that I can sell with it if you like that look. I am happy to swap out the long inner barrel for the shorter one as well.

I am confident I can get 35,000+ on auction, but the hassle of writing, translating, and paying for the listing makes me willing to entertain reasonable offers.

Not interested in trades. Buyer must be 18+.

hi ginga im kinda interested with this M4 if i were to buy it how do we the deal ? do you accept cash on delivery ?
PM Sent

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