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[CLOSED] [NON-TKO, Sat 8th Oct] BB Jungle
Thanks guys! I'm starting to like getting into the games and shooting people with my camera almost as much as with the M4.

Yeah I think the shot of Q is one of the best from the day. I was pleased when the motion was there (from panning with him as he ran), but his upper body was still crisp (in the pic).

Usually it's tough getting clean shots in the dark shade, and many of the panning shots end up like the shot two pics above the pic of Q (guy in full multicam with a helmet)... that is, they usually end up with everything blurry... (though in this case, I actually liked that pic with everything blurry).

Thanks again for the feedback.
Btw chaos, I know there are "screw in" protective lenses that can be found for very cheap (around a couple of thousand yens). When I got Naomi's D90 I was advised to get a sort of "lens protection" which was just a completely clear glass that I could screw on top of the main lens system to protect it from scratches. Should protect from BBs too! Even if it's single usage, better than nothing!
Thanks Ycare. Have those on all my lenses. Unfortunately the lens diameter on my lenses mean that just the protective screw on glass is around 8,000 yen... So not exactly one-time usage!
with a lense like that it might have glare effects and it wouldnt come as crisp as it is. i had to put one on mine and i guess i had set my iso too high. ben's lens has an aperture 2.8 which is great for low light. i guess were going off topic. lol
@ben- id love to see your non airsoft photos!
Thanks Ben for the pics! I agree, the shot of Q is really, really good!!
Anyone knows if Kiwiglen fixed his AEG? Did he work out the cause? Was it a burnt trigger?
Don't know yet. He said he's going to take it in to Airborne but hasn't done so yet I don't think.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"

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