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[CLOSED] [NON-TKO, Sat 8th Oct] BB Jungle

Anyone needing rentals, tell us NOW and what!

Hey everyone,

Still sorting out the details and calling out tomorrow for the actual reservation, we think of organizing something basically same as Q planned for the last weekend, but hopefully without the pending threat of a Typhoon this time. Wink

Beware, this is a NON-TKO game, so even though the TKOSOC is kindly allowing us to post this here for all to see and participate, this will not be a usual TKO game. Instead, we will enforce cane whipping for every death and other sorts of public humiliation, hope you guys are cool with that. Tongue
(Joke of course, basically the exact same thing, but run by your favorite Frog & co)

Organizer: Ycare & KiwiGlen & Co
Date: Saturday 8th October, 2011

BB Jungle Website:

Gates / ゲート: 0800 ~ 1800
Games / ゲーム: 1000 ~ 1700
Price / 料金: JPY 2,500 per person
Lunch / 昼: Bento available (Reservation Needed) / 弁当あり(要予約)- JPY 700


Rental (Reservation Needed) / レンタル装備料金 (要予約)
・AEG / 電動ガン 2,500円/1日
・BDU / 迷彩服 ジケット/パンツ 各500円
・Goggle / ゴーグル・フェイスガード付 500円
・Boots and hat rental not available / 靴及び帽子のレンタルは扱っておりません

For sale at Field / フィールドで販売
・Gloves / 迷彩グローブ 300円
・Towel / 迷彩タオル 500円
・Gas / ガスガン用ガス 1,000円
・Bio BB / バイオBB 弾 0.2g/1,700発 1,000円~ 


Address: Chiba-Ken, Chiba-shi, Midori-ku, Takada-cho 1589-2

Access Map / アクセス:
Google Map: Here

Please register on this Facebook event in order to participate. Will make it much easier for my side, and will allow us to keep in touch and share media also quite easily. For the ones really allergic to social media, just PM me or reply here and I'll get you into the system.

See you guys on the field! Big Grin
Ok, FYI we will probably change the date on that event, the response being grossly underwhelming...
Date and time updated!
I promise to take it easy on people and not be so totally, dominatingly awesome if people agree to sign up. I understand how disheartening it can be when you're matched up against a player of my caliber and get completely owned by me the moment you set foot outside the safety area every time you can muster up enough courage and wipe enough of the tears out of your eyes to do so. If thirty people sign up for this game I promise to shoot only with both eyes closed holding my weapon left handed. Also, I'll use one of Q's guns so it will only shoot about half the time (I'm optimistic). Tongue By offering to take these extreme measures the opposing team will have roughly a 0.007% greater chance of winning any of the scenarios, and an increase in the average life span of 3.29 seconds. .001 seconds increase due to me shooting eyes-closed-left-handed, and 3.28 seconds increase due to me having to repair Q's rifle every time before I fire it.

In advance, you are all welcome. Now sign up!!!
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Ah but with a Q weapon, U could always fling it to the opponent Big Grin!!

I'm checking with my GF though to see what dates she wanted to go on vacation (hopefully not clashing with this). Will get back to you guys as soon as she confirms the date.

P.S. YCare, just FYI on a minor point, the content of the 1st post still says 17th Sept ;-)
@Thunder: Sounds totally fair, hope people will be ok with that deal.
@Q: Yeeep, thanks for that, fixed it! I hope you can make it, would be awesome! Smile
I'm interested to join...but I'll have to ask my wife first Big Grin
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
This sounds good. I will try to get our team together for a comeback game.
I might be able to make it, need to work out my schedule for next month first. Should know in about a week.
My wife gave her nod, looks like 2 of us are playing on this game. I have someone who's interested to join too. He's askin if he can bring his son who's now 14 years old but has been playing for quite some time now. Thanks!
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
Not sure if I can join - coming back from a vacation that week, but definitely want to get out on the field. If I can make it, will try and round up some troops - may be difficult as my guys usually play on Sundays..
Awesome! Great to hear all that guys, and hope you can make it to Chaos!

Please, if you're on FB just join the public event, and if you're not on FB, then just let me know here clearly if you can, how many people are coming with you, and if needs of rental.

I already confirmed on FB my attendance along with my wife. I also sent invites to my other fellow airsofters. I hope you don't mind. Big Grin
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
No, it's fine of course, thanks for that!
Ycare, how many people do you have signed up now?

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