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[NON-TKO] BLAM Indoor Game
Well, I'm borderline on BLAM.. we can have 7 vs. another team that shows up? I'll check back tomorrow morning to see what the final plan is; however, that is on the wrong side of Tokyo for me!
ok, ill be posting news at 5:30 am and see how it goes. how about echo and kiwiglen? the more the merrier!
were good to go. it seems its just light rain today in the afternoon. see you guys at battle city.
Okay, I'll head to battle city; not too far for me if there isn't much action: won't be there until 10:30 or so.
thanks for coming out guys! let me know if you want me to send you the pictures.

[Image: Sept3battlecity116.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity114.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity092.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity106.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity065.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity050.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity043.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity036.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity066.jpg]
[Image: Sept3battlecity111.jpg]
Looked like fun, good for you guys! Hopefully we get something else running soon.
Had fun, we took a kicking out there, but BCU is still one of my fav fields. I like how it really pushes a run and gun mentality. Was great to get out and do some shooting again. Thanks to Wez for getting it together!

Some more pics on their blog from the day:
Looks like a great day and glad you guys made do given the roller coaster weather reports.
we were very nervous about it though, we thought it was just going to be the 6 of us. it poured down and then stopped and it was like that the whole day. we got lucky it wasnt a long downpour most of it not more than 5 minutes.
the games were fun but some of the players were frustating. i can see now why private games is a better choice. all in all it was still good fun.
Yeah it's a crapshoot I guess, but I think if we got a solid 8-10 TKO players at a private and worked together, we could do better. Again, if things had been different and we were on the yellow team, probably would have been kicking ass all day.

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