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[NON-TKO] BLAM Indoor Game
How many people would be up for a Non-TKO organized indoor game at BLAM instead? It's close to Shin Tokorozawa Station on the seibu Shinjuku line. 3,500Y for the day from 12:00 - 10:00 PM.

Sorry Q for the highjack, just thought we could discuss an alternative, with cover from the rain Wink
Nooooo!!! i have sacrificed so much for this!
i have been checking the weather 24/7 and i dont think its going to hit chiba at all.

i'll be up on any game! might even join Drifter with a real urban warfare.

I'm interested in the BLAM game ycare...
I'm down dude, when are we talking? Tomorrow or sometime in the future?
We're talking tomorrow (4th), right?
I'm game. Have to leave early at 1600hrs but I'd love to get some action.
is this for tomorrow??? lets go then!
Tomorrow is the 3rd Wink

Sorry guys, as I was starting to figure things out to go to Blam, I got my girl to organize something knowing the other game got cancelled... can't really tell her to change it all again... sorry.

Please feel free to organize yourselves though and go have fun if you can at Blam, sheltered from the rain Smile
ok, do we have to contact blam? or can we just go there? could you give info about the site? my guests are still on standby. we are going to wait until tomorrow. just in case this typhoon heads west.

Drifter Guest

who else?

Find info regarding BLAM here...
ok, so ,its either blam on sunday for free game or tomorrow at battle city. who's with me?
(02-09-2011, 06:52 PM)wezley75 Wrote: ok, so ,its either blam on sunday for free game or tomorrow at battle city. who's with me?

Maybe Sunday would be best, gives me time to reconfigure my gear, and I can probably get a buddy out to play also. What time if it's battle city tomorrow?
battle city opens at 9am . so we can be there just by that time. so the plan is to wait until morning and see if this weather is gona go bad. if not, lets roll. sunday might be difficult for me.
BLAM is open Saturday. Sunday is a public game where everyone that shows up plays together.
If you go tomorrow (saturday) you will play as your own group for 15 minute shifts. Other teams that are there will play as well, but not against you,unless you join with another team to reduce the number of rotations.

No teams are currently signed up for Saturday so you "could" have the place all to yourself, but there may also be drop in teams, which they are OK with.
yeah. i just called them about that. with only 6 guys thats not going to be so exciting.
Gotcha. Sorry for misunderstanding Smile

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