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40 Round extended 1911 mags out Aug 26th
According to Echigoya (where they have pre-orders available) the long awaited extended 1911mags are coming on the 26th of the month. I was initially keen on the idea, but after having the 50 round with my G18C I am not sure. My G18 won't lock back after the final round as the mag is too heavy. Will be interesting to see if the 1911 mag has the same problem.

I haven't seen an extended G18 mag since I bought mine at Echigoya, so if you want a 1911 one I would buy as many as you can afford as soon as possible.

Anyway, just thought I would let people know about the pre-order at Echigoya.
I was thinking about these when I was checking Echigoya stock last week. In the end I just decided to grab 2 more MEU clips. I like the 1911 mags because they are thin, but an extended 1911 mag just looks a little weird.

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