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Crye Glock Holster
Picked up a Crye Glock Holster today for 1600 Yen

I thought it was a good buy so I felt the need to pass it on...
[Image: IMG_1150.jpg]

It fits ANY glock with ANY light!
[Image: IMG_4455.jpg]

It adjusts left hand, right hand, draw angle and belt width. This is all done with ONE screw.
[Image: IMG_4454.jpg]

I was told KSC/KWA glocks may be a tight fit, but I had no issues.
[Image: IMG_3509.jpg]

Basically a plastic clip holds the trigger gaurd and top of the slide while a rubber strap secures the gun.
[Image: IMG_4453.jpg]

To draw, use your trigger finger to pop the snap like so...
[Image: IMG_1151.jpg]

There is a split in the belt clamp it will dig into MOLLE webbing or a BDU style belt. A thick Duty Belt may cause problems.

So basically for less than 20 bux you can carry any Glock. That's what you call a "win"
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
And you got tan in colour too!! Damn good price! Well done.
The price was right, but I think I should mention that this is a clone of the Crye gun clip. Still it should hold up well for airsoft. I got it at the Model gnsop in Kitagami.
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
Nice.... Do they have it for M1911 too? and do they have leg platform too?

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