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Build a Kydex holster
Most of you are aware that when the Tokyo Marui Desert warrior came out there were virtually no holsters that fit the gun well.

I, however, was lucky enough to know some of the most well known knife makers and leathermen in the world(Mickey Yurco, Gary Sass, Mike Sastre etc etc...) who showed me how

to work a thermo plastic called kydex. I was first introduced to the concept in the early nineties. Not being a knife maker myself, I only used it for small projects for

my self.


After refining my skills a bit recently, I thought I would show you how to quickly throw together a Kydex rig that is right out of a Magpul Dynamics video for just about any

gun you want.

There are also some good videos on about how to make a Kydex rig as well.

Here is the test pony, a TM Desert Warrior...

[Image: IMG_2626.jpg]

First I prepped the DW with foil to avoid messing up the finish and melting the gun during the process.

[Image: IMG_1135.jpg]

Then I laid the gun on a Black Kydex sheet of plastic with enough material to allow me to fold over the gun.

[Image: IMG_1136.jpg]

I prepared a Kydex Press with 2 wooden boards, some shipping foam that resists heat( has the right stuff you need) and 100mph tape(duct tape)

[Image: IMG_1137.jpg]

I heated the pre cut Kydex sheet in a toaster oven for a 2-3 minutes until it was floppy enough to fold over. Do not over heat the Kydex! Do not under heat the kydex! Do not

use this toaster oven for cooking!

[Image: IMG_1138.jpg]

After it reached the right temp I removed theKydex and wrapped up the gun like so. I used wax paper to help protect my foam and the kydex finish. Take a second and line teh

holster up on teh kydex press and then quickly close it and clamp it down. Gloves save you from being burned when handling hot Kydex.

[Image: IMG_4304.jpg]

After I close the press, I use a quick clamp to cinch it down initially...

[Image: IMG_4307.jpg]

Then I throw it in a vice for 15-20 minutes...

[Image: IMG_4319.jpg]

After it cools I removed it from the press to find this...

[Image: IMG_4324-1.jpg]

Normally at this point I would dip the whole thing in cool water to cool the project. Since this is a GBB gun I removed it from the kydex and ran some cool water over it.

If you saw the picture above you notice the fold did not square up right and stayed that way. I use a band saw to remove the over lapped parts and square it up again...

[Image: IMG_4338.jpg]

Here is a wooden jig I cut out to make the belt loops with...
[Image: IMG_4342.jpg]

Using a heat gun and a wooden jig, I made the belt loops. Heat the kydex at the folds then hold the jig in place for a minute or two until it holds shape on it's own then dip

in water...
[Image: IMG_4343.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4350.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4353.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4361.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4371.jpg]

Now that both loops are made I trimmed the excess material as shown....
[Image: IMG_4379.jpg]

Then drill holes for the belt loops....
[Image: IMG_4387.jpg]

Then using some cheap ass eyelets and a setter I got from the 100Yen store I finished up the holes. For my BS airsoft rig this will work but My customers guns or real steel

rigs I would reccomend some quality eyelets from Tandy leather or something...
[Image: IMG_4391.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4400.jpg]

Using the belt loops as a guide I marked where I will make holes on the Holster...
[Image: IMG_4401.jpg]

I took this opportunity to sand off any flash from teh edges and add eyelets to the holster belt loop holes.
[Image: IMG_4410.jpg]

Once again, since this is a simple BS airsoft rig, I will use some machine screws to mount the belt loops. Again, for a serious real steel rig, you may want to use some

proper bushings.
[Image: IMG_4412.jpg]

Bolted on the belt loops and BAM! Travis Haley eat your heart out! lol The good news is you can switch the belt loops to the other side for a left handed rig. You can also

use a jig and a heat gun to contour the holster as well...
[Image: IMG_4422-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4426-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4428.jpg]

Now use your new skills to make other BAMFtastic stuff like this!!
[Image: IMG_4435.jpg]


[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
WOW! Very cool Golgo.
Nice DW... nicer workshop. Is that at your house or do you have a shop at work.

Thanks for taking the time to show us this.
Very cool project! I would love to do this for my DW pistol, but lack both the workshop and skills to get it done (even the easiest DIY projects are practically rocket science for me!). Slick holster, what would you say was the total price tag of the materials used?
Thanks Guys, I see you recognize the DW Ginga?

That "shop" is actually my garage storage area. I just have a Drill press and Band saw in there.

You don't need them though.

I made this sheath with a $12.00 angle grinder and a cordless screwdriver...
[Image: IMG_0697.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0696.jpg]

You can get 12" x 12" Kydex sheets on ebay for less than $10 bux.

The foam on this press was from an Real Sword airsoft box (Not reccomended but it works)

two pine boards 3 bux

You can use any heat source like an oven, or toaster, or heat gun.

100 yen store fasteners and drill bits.

You can put this together for less than 2000Yen. Make two and sell one for 4000yen and then it's free =)

[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
cool! ive been thinking of making one myself, but i was thinking if fiberglass or carbon fiber. and i think yours is way easier and takes like 2 hours to make. thanks!
Wow, great DYI! I was also thinking of making one to put in the MBTIR pouch of my CPC to get a better grip on my handgun, so I'm bookmarking this thread for future references when I get around to do mine!
Thanks Ycare, keep us posted when you do.

A bit more refinement...

[Image: IMG_4448.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4447.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4444.jpg]
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
Wow..... this is awesome

hmm... I was wondering if this is possible with magazine? seems like kydex has unlimited use
Of course. I actually was on leave last month and made one for my real steel Glock 17 mag...

[Image: IMG_1019.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1018.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1017.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1016.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2735-1.jpg]
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
Wow..... that's a slick setup
.... btw... Do you think this can work on plastic magazine too? How hot the kydex become when you're molding it with your magazine?
The Marui Desert Warrior is ABS plastic so I am sure it can work. the temp of teh kydex is less than 300deg F problably way less actually.
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]

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