Poll: Splash 3rd Sept 2011 West Bamboo Game
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[CANCELED]TKO: Splash 3rd September West Bamboo Field
If anyone is up for drinks on Saturday just hit me up! I need to drown my sorrow.
Ycare, check yo pm
Thanks for the update Q, I'm bummed but it was a good idea to make a call early. Hope we can get something going soon, because if we don't I'm gonna have to test my HEAT game type on the streets in my town!
Argh, sorry guys. Looks like it was a wrong call. The weather looks fine outside. I hate weather forecasts!!
No sweat, Q. You had to make a decision. I rode my rain bike to work twice this week because of the forecast and both days it was pretty much dry all day.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Yeah, we all have been expecting the big typhoon but it seems to have completely avoided Tokyo overall. No worries Q, you're not the weather guy, I blame JMA. Smile
Man I'm actually truly [censored] about this. Unfortunately my GF has been bearing the brunt of it all - it's not her fault but this morning's/afternoon's good weather has really made me unreasonably edgy.
It's all good Q. Like people said, better to make the call the night before. Even though it isn't raining, the wind is still a huge factor. We would have all had to set our sights far right or left to try and make up for the wind pushing our bbs all over the place Smile

I was looking forward to seeing (and maybe even feeling) for new recoil kit in the M4. Next time I hope Smile
there were a few times that really poured down while we were playing and we got quite wet today. if we did play at splash, i remember the game site didnt have much cover and our stuff would've gotten wet, or am i thinking about a different place? anyway i hope we can have one more game soon! any plans Q? Psycho?

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