Poll: Splash 3rd Sept 2011 West Bamboo Game
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Confirmed Yes
8 80.00%
2 20.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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[CANCELED]TKO: Splash 3rd September West Bamboo Field
Arghhhh We need this game! I'm trying to make my tentative a confirmed, but it's a noob, so not sure yet.

Come on people, let's make this one happening, September should be more than fine weather wise!!!
Managed to get him to confirm, so we're 8 now!
cmon ladies! you guys can get a free massage from ycare if you sign up! and drifter is going to give a free lesson about the art of tactical M4!
So guys, it's now the 15th and we still only have 8 players. I'm leaning towards scrapping this game. Guess it's a public game next month.

That's how pissed off I am Angry

Not your fault Q, nor anyone actually on this thread since there was interest. I'm blaming everyone ELSE who wasn't on this thread!!! Angry
where is everybody anyway?
would anybody be more interested if it were night games?
If on a Saturday, yes, interested too! I just WANT TO SHOOT STUFF!!! ^^
I have mentioned the game to a handful of people a couple times, but I guess people just aren't interested in committing. Maybe the games could reach a broader audience through twitter, Facebook, mixi, etc. A pain to keep track of, but maybe more people would jump in? I am still a maybe, as it will depend on the heat.
I think I've given up all enthusiasm in organising this even if we get 10 ppl signing up in the poll. It's just too close to the borderline of 10 players with little room for buffer (ppl getting sick, or loss of transportation in the last minute, etc.). And it's under 3 weeks to the proposed event. That's a little too close for comfort.

To be honest, as an organiser it's a little disappointing with low enthusiasm especially when there hasn't been a private game in the past few months. However, maybe we can form a TKO team for Sept public games.
I understand Q, I totally feel you on that one, I think Ginga also had similar misfortune. I really can't say much personally as you guys know I'm always 200% and have been practically to every single game you guys organized through the past few years.

I don't like public game, but if we made it a TKO team, at least it would bring a bit of fun, and I'd also be happy to spend a day with you guys, so I'm still a go for that.
that is not a bad idea at all! a team is a lot fun! so what are waiting for then?
For me to get my license back Tongue? 30th Aug...
im up for TKO public games as well.
good news! i found two guys whos willing to play on the 3rd. ill confirm tonight!
Wesley's really going for it Big Grin. Cheers bud, I see you're persistent despite the organiser (me) giving up :p.

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