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Importing USED gun into Japan
I purchased a used TM m203 while here in America, but I don't know how I should get it into japan.

I don't know if I can ship it because I don't have the box and there is no retailer to write up a fancy form about it's velocity being Japan-okay.

Any advice or info would be great.

King of Questions
So id ask the seller to write up a form?
King of Questions
Yes. Hopefully he has a proper business letterhead, etc. Not just some "hand written" note. I've personally avoided buying AEGs/GBBs privately from overseas. I'd buy from only shops that have proper letters (with letter heads), and with a chop/stamp even.

Dig into the search a little more. You may find a really old post from FarEast where a Taiwanese manufacturer was sending him AEGs for him to review and test but they didn't give him a certificate. The customs held the AEG for a long time until a certificate of power could be provided by the manufacturer.

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