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[For Sale] Steyr AUG with hi-power scope and mag bundle
Hi Guys - havent been around for a while and now need to sell off all my gear as will be moving to Singapore at end August and it seems that (sadly, very sadly!) personal import is banned. So will be posting up my collection in bundles, and am hoping some people out there still want and need guns!

Will be flexible on price, looking to give my stuff a good home and over to someone who will enjoy it!


This Steyr was originally modified by Lionel some years back, who also added the great high quality multi-magnification scope. I recently added a longer barrel that runs to the tip of the silencer (honestly havent had a chance since installing to test out how much improvement it makes in accuracy or distance). Still have the original barrel as well, along with battery, sling, and 5 magazine set (3 regular cap, 2 hi-cap)

This gun is well-used, and shows a fair bit of scuffing along the metalwork's surface - and the one honest negative of this gun is that the hop-up is tricky to access (the sliding panel over it tends to stick as the body is packed with silencing materials). But its reliable in operation and has good stamina over an afternoon of use. Had it serviced at Echigoya 2 years ago, who found no real issues other than a new piston replaced. Only lightly used since that time.

I honestly don't remember what I originally purchased this for, so will entertain any reasonable offer!


[Image: IMG_1122.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1123.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1124.jpg]
Are you still around? I messaged you about the M249, but no reply.
Did this guy store his guns with someone who is trying to sell them on his behalf?

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