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[SOLD!] TM MP5 SD5 - Y10,000 or best offer
Hi Guys - havent been around for a while and now need to sell off all my gear as will be moving to Singapore at end August and it seems that (sadly, very sadly!) personal import is banned. So will be posting up my collection in bundles, and am hoping some people out there still want and need guns!

Will be flexible on price, looking to give my stuff a good home and over to someone who will enjoy it!


What to say about the SD5, its incredibly light for a full-sized gun and so can easily be skirmished all through a hot day with no trouble at all. Its also very accurate once you get a feel for the hop-up.

Pictures show with a laser sight which is separate (additional Y1500), but includes battery and 3 magazines (one regular cap, 2 hi-cap) and a dual-mag clip (shown pairing the hi-caps in photos) which works great to provide a ton of ammo in a very quick-change package.


[Image: IMG_1120.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1121.jpg]

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