Poll: Do you want games over the next couple of months?
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6 46.15%
2 15.38%
I'm happy to just go to public games.
5 38.46%
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Games in July and August
That sounds like a good date!
So how does it work, a night game I mean? Is it like clubbing hours, from 11PM to 7AM? Aren't you guys tired eventually?

I'll need to rent a car to come over, would be happy to pick up a few people on the way so to spread the costs.
If you get frustrated at daytime public games, night games might not be your thing Wink

Think mandatory glow sticks instead of tape markers, tracers, and dudes with night vision set-ups.

GingaNinga sneaks silently towards the flag. Suddenly he gets lit up by tracer rounds on 2 sides.
"Damn, how'd you know I was there?"
"I can see your glow stick."
"I watched him the entire way with my NVG."
"Why am I here again Smile"
great! the 30th it is! whos coming?
I don't think the tape markers/glowsticks/tracers bother him as much as night vision 'cos I'm sure he'd want to own one of those ;-).
Who wouldn't? The ones that game with my COD pre-order worked awesome, until I was told that they didn't count as official protective eye wear! Field marshals can be such jerks Smile
[Image: DSCF4023.jpg]

This thing!!?!?
Yah, that worked great until some dude at SEALS said I couldn't use it. I told him it was fine, and offered to prove it. So I unloaded a full mag with my SOPMOD (shooting around 96m/s). It was fine for about 2 rounds, but after that BBs just destroyed it. The guys at SEALS never did buy me a new one!
i dont think you would want to wear night vision goggles when your up againts 3,800 lumen flashlights.
a team we used to play with had those gen 3, and i must say it was awesome! he only played as a spotter but that was already a huge advantage until he became the primary target.
Mmmh, I'm all for fair chances, but if someone spends ju man on a NVG and then takes the chance to bring it to an Airsoft game, it's really up to him I'd say.

Glowsticks sux though, I'm not playing with those, that's just silly...
Finally a game in my area. I'll be at Kawagoe Desert Storm on the 10th with my night vision!
Wraith, public game on 10 in Kawagoe is not a night game... Feel free to bring the NV though Smile
Ah, ok. Well are we still going to Kawagoe? If you guys want to play around with it I can bring it with me, if it's a day game I'll just roll with my lightweight gear instead of lugging my AK out.

Are we still doing a night game at some point?

I went to there.
Were you a guy of ACU?
Nope, I didnt hear back from anyone so I didnt go.

When I play I wear ABU pattern or flecktarn
Any chance of something coming up in early Aug? Haven't had a game in nearly a year, getting an itchy finger Smile
Paul Dwyer

Aussie in Chiba !

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