Poll: Do you want games over the next couple of months?
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I'm happy to just go to public games.
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Games in July and August
Is there any interest in having games over the next couple of months? I'm not offering to organize, I just want to see if people want to play during this time. If there's enough interest, I'm sure the fine members of the TKOSOC or the new KiwiGlen/Ycare tandem will sort something out. If nothing else, some of us can hit up some public games.

So post here if you want games during this time or not.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
As an organiser (and I've talked to Chaos about this, haven't with Anarchy but seems his focus is more on golf ;-)), I think organising private games during summer is difficult due to the heat and committed numbers at least in the past. There's even a thread on this topic in the moderators forum (woops, you guys don't get to see that Big Grin).

As such, my conversations with Chaos was about forming TKO teams to play in public games over the next two months and see if we can get a TKO private game going again in late Sept if summer doesn't run in late.

However, there's nothing to stop any member to organise a game and sharing/inviting it the Announcement forums. Naturally the only criteria TKOSOC has are :-

* not to book the field under the TKO name
* if you're another team inviting TKO, let TKOSOC know and we'll create a dedicated thread that you can consolidate all your games there
I'm all for public games with other TKO members. Me and Wez are thinking of trying some night games in July if anyone is interested. Figure it will be cooler weather at night, and I'd have a reason to mount a flashlight for more than just looks.
I'm in the midst of moving and transitioning job, so I won't be much on the forum probably till the end of the month, but am definitely up for organizing something with Glen if enough people want a private game. Else, public games will do to, but it's not quite the same though...

hey guys! any of you goin to a public game hit me up please!! getting super bored!
Yeah, I want to play too.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
I'm free every Sunday this month, so I'm down for whatever. Day or night, I just want to shoot some BB's.
ok! so lets srt up a night game! how does battle city sound for you guys?
KiwiGlen has been talking about organizing a night game... wonder if he will post details?
We are going to go to the pubric game @ Desert Storm Kawahoe on July 10th.
@kenzie! you mean from 9th-10th right? which one was desert storm again?
Desert storm is in Saitama, near kawagoe. It is a mix dirt mounds and buildings.
I don't think it is a night game, just a regular day game.
There is NO sun cover at Desert Storm, so if you have any heat issues I wouldn't recommend it.

Played there back in January...


ok, thanks! i might go to a night game on either 23rd or the 30th. im hoping there is a game in battle city or desert union. let me know whos available on which nights!
SEALS has a public night game on the night of the 30th.

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