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[CLOSED] Car - Mazda Familia SW
Hello everyone,

I'm moving back to Tokyo and can't afford keeping my car there for the time being, so I'm giving away my trustee Mazda Familia SW

I bought it second hand late last year, and it's been driving very fine since that day, never had any issue with it. Had it checked a autobacs, changed a couple of lights and windscreen wipers, but else it's as when I bought it, with a very correct gas mileage.

Unfortunately, I'm parting from it mid june, and the shaken is due late june, although there shouldn't be much to change (maybe tires and battery). Road tax are also to be paid.

Anyone interested?


[Image: 258524_10150194999253359_571868358_72407...7421_o.jpg]
If you can't sell it you could always give it away to a field and they could use it as a prop. They wouldn't need insurance or shakken Smile
That's an idea.

I also updated the thread, I'm giving it for free now, only shaken and road tax to pay, which total should be between 100,000 and 150,000 Yen. I have to get rid of it on the 18th of this month.
ginga has a very good point!

i used to have a hi ace and i was able to sell it for parts for 70,000 yen.
Maybe there's a charity in Japan you could donate it to? That way you could at least maybe get a tax right off.
The used car market in Japan is horrible. I had a Suburu Forester that I wanted to sell to Gulliver so I could use the money on a new car... they wanted to charge us to take it off our hands Smile The shakken was running out the next day, and we had no more use for it, so we convinced them to take it. They didn't give us anything for it, but we didn't have to pay the recycling fee, taxes, etc.

I have bought 3 vehicles on Yahoo Auctions, so that might be an option for you Ycare.
Thanks guys! I actually bought that car on Yahoo Auction for a little more than 100,000, just last year. So now that the shaken is running out, I'm afraid there's very little chance I'll be able to Yahoo auction it again... Undecided
Car found a happy owner, thread can be moved, thanks everyone!
Outta curiosity, sold or given away?

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