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Something for Resident Evil and Airsoft fans
Looks like for the 15th Anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise the EA airsoft bar is doing a little something special.

I've heard of the place before, but never been. Anyone have any experience? Might head over myself and take a few shots. I've been an off again on again fan of the RE games, and I wouldn't mind some nice zombie targets Smile
wanna head there this weekend?
I thought it's from May 20th?
(13-05-2011, 09:31 PM)ace5kills Wrote: wanna head there this weekend?

Well it's not till next week, like Q mentioned. Me and a couple buddies are thinking of heading down sometime, I'll PM when we figure out when.
woops... sorry, kinda missed out the date...

Please let me know if anybody is going there Big Grin
sounds fun! let me know when you guys are headin there. i need to go tokyo anyway.
I'm probably heading down tomorrow (Sunday May 22). If the apocalypse doesn't happen, I should be rolling over there around 7 with a couple of friends.
7 at night? cool... let's meet there Big Grin
Here are some pics from the place, went last Sunday night.

[Image: th_IMG_20110522_225125.jpg][Image: th_IMG_20110522_222826.jpg][Image: th_IMG_20110522_223447.jpg][Image: th_IMG_20110522_223548.jpg][Image: th_IMG_20110522_222835.jpg]

It was a bit small, but kinda neat. The shooting range was pretty well setup, I might go again sometime to try out some other targets.

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