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[Completed] Guns Guns and More Guns
[Image: GNHG.jpg]

1. KJ Works Tanio Koba M4 - 35,000 - SOLD
Described on many forums as the best GBB out of the box for reliability and playability. This has been fully upgraded and customised!

- KJ Works M4 (25,000)
- 6 Magazines w/magpuls (18,000)
- Custom cut madbull tight bore barrel (3,000)
- Cradle Airsoft velocity Reducer (1,800)
- Cradle Airsoft O-Ring Piston (1,300)
- Madbull Daniel Defense front rail (8,500)
- Magpul Trigger Guard (1,800)

DOES Not Include MBUS

Comes with original front handguard, spare hop-up pieces, etc.

2. Tokyo Marui Type 89 - 50,000 - SOLD

This is a fully upgraded Tokyo Marui Hoya Type 89 EBR.
Sale includes:

- TM Type 89 (¥32,000)
- 6 short 70 round magazines (¥10,000)
- ACM Red Dot (¥4,000)
- Laylax EBR Stock (¥13,500)
- Laylax spinal rail hand guard (¥13,500)
- Laylax ambi fire selector (¥680)
- Laylax hop-up arm (¥1,700)
- Laylay short outer barrel (¥5,000)
- Laylax 433mm 6.05 Ash outer barrel (¥3,200)
- Firefly hop bucking (¥1,000)
- KM Thin Silencer (¥3,000)
- SCAR type button release bipod (¥3,500)

Total: Over ¥90,000

All original parts are included, and the install of the upgraded parts was done by Echigoya.

The gun is in mint condition, and has only been fielded twice. It is front wired, and can fit a thin lipo battery inside the Laylax rail.

Currently firing between 86-90 m/s with .2g BBs. That would be .75-.82 Joules. When I had a 6.03 455mm madbull inner barrel in it I was able to get 96m/s!

The three round burst setting is awesome, and the gun feels great. It is well balanced, but has some weight to it.

3. Tokyo Marui next Gen M4A1 w/CASV rail system - 45,000 - SOLD
Awesome gun! My standard primary.

- Next Generation M4A1 (37,000)
- 5 Magazines w/magpuls (8,000)
- 6.03 363mm madbull tight bore barrel (3,000)
- Magpul DE grip (2,000)
- King Arms CASV handguard (fits 7.4 lipo) (12,000)
- Mapgpul DE Vertical Grip (1,500)
- Short inner barrel (5,000)
- Suppressor (2,000)


Comes with all the original parts (standard length barrel, inner barrel, handguard, carry handle, etc)

I have shortened this so that the compressor fits inside the hand guard (like image 9), but am happy to convert back to build shown in the reference image above.

5. Tokyo Marui USP Electric Pistol - 15,000 - SOLD
Excellent winter pistol that will work all year!

- 2 Hi-Cap Mags
- 3 regular mags
- Top and Bottom Rail kits
- Tactical light/battery set

6. Classic Army UMC - 20,000 - SOLD

Sale includes:
- Classic Army UMC
- Hi-Cap Magazine x 1
- Mid-Cap magazine x 4
- reflex site

I got the UMC in November of last year and have used it at 6 or 7 games. It was tuned by Gunsmith Baton to fire around 87m/s so that I could use it for indoor games, but it works very well outdoors as well. The build is solid, and it is a great gun.

Original box and manual included.
Uses an AK type stick battery or a lipo battery will fit as well.
Out of curiosity, how did you take such a wide shot?
Big floor, high ceiling, tri-pod and chair Smile
How much is the no. 12 rifle
Hi Amazona, long time since I have heard from you on here Smile
Sadly the No.12 was stripped for parts and sold off. I figured I could get more for the parts than I could for the custom build.

Just for people's information, I am listing all of these on Auction this week.
Hey ginga, I'll totally buy the UMC if I can sell my M4 RIS. I'll post it on sales later probs.
King of Questions
Sorry Vorpal, I have listed it on yahoo. I will let you know if it doesn't sell.
Hey all, am back for a few months. Really interested in #3 but I'm divided if I should get it because I might not have enough chances to play with it.
Hey Hazard,
Welcome back. It's been a while.
Sadly, the M4 is no longer available.
Oh, ok. How about the TM G18?
Yah, the G18 is still for sale. Hit me with a PM if you are interested.
All gone...
Hard to believe I don't have any AEG left Smile

I will post my collection of gas guns in the next few days.

Mods, please feel free to move.
!!!?!?!?!?!? You sold all that!!??? That's impressive!!

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