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[FOR SALE] OD Drop Pouch - 1,000 yen
OD Drop Pouch - 1,000
Bought this way back in the day from Nakatashoten. Still in excellent condition.

[Image: DropPouch_OD2.jpg]

Pantac RRV - 7,500 - SOLD
Bought this from Redwolf last year. I have used it about 4 or 5 times, and it is still in great condition. I have swapped things in and out of teh front MOLLE many times while playing dress-up so there is some stretching, but it is not an issue. This is a very comfortable vest, and is great for the summer.

[Image: RRV_Khaki.jpg]


FastMags (Tan) - 2,000 each or 5,000 for set - SOLD
I bought these from Echigoya a few years ago. They are by far my favourite system for holding and retaining mags. The elestics are all still fine, and they still work perfectly.

Will sell all three pairs for 5,000.

[Image: FastMag_Tan1.jpg]

Camelbak Woodland AMBUSH Backpack - SOLD
No bladder. Handy pouches for keys, extra bbs, etc.

[Image: CamelBack_WL1.jpg]
[Image: CamelBack_WL2.jpg]
[Image: CamelBack_WL3.jpg]

Large Tactical Belt (Black) - SOLD
I bought this from Echigoya last year for my indoor rig. It has MOLLE webbing all the way around it, and is very adjustable.

I will include the black FastMags

[Image: TacBelt_Blk3.jpg]
I'll take the large tactical belt Ginga.
It's Yours Drifter!
Will take the Camelbak.
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Sounds good Surgeon. Will PM you.
Drop pouch please
King of Questions
Vorpal... sounds good. Holding for you.
Drop pouch available again after buyer backed out of sale.

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