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[CLOSED] Ishinomaki & peninsula

As per subject, my friends & I are going up to Ishinomaki again next week during Golden Week. The date will be 3-5th May. We have to arrive by 7 a.m. on the 3rd and we will come back evening of 5th.

The primary goal it to help carry buoys to help the fishermen but there may be other manual labour work. For now we're trying to get numbers, once we have numbers we can talk to the organisers in Ishinomaki to see if they can accommodate us. If they can't we will have to camp it.

I know this isn't going to be easy as volunteers will want to know for sure what we have, what we're doing, etc. but I'd like to urge to have have an open mind and to be flexible.

But the people up there will need as much help as possible. Please get back to me ASAP if you are keen on going up to help.

Sign up Sheet:
I had read online that many of the volunteer centers weren't taking out of town volunteers because of a huge influx of volunteers over golden week.

If you guys are confirmed to go, please count me in. Please PM me details.

Thanks Q.
Sorry... Am supporting AEJ next week so have to work through the holidays.. Sad

Hope you get better weather this time around!
As per JapanToday's article, a lot of volunteers are rocking up during GW giving the few coordinators a curveball on how to organise the subgroups. They will have too many cooks and too few chefs to coordinate. Not to mention no place to accommodate these volunteers.

As opposed to what my friends & I are doing next week, who are heading up at the request of the organisation to manage a specific (the buoys) and as such need to confirm numbers so we can get back to them so that they can organise accommodation.

A quick note to all potential volunteers in the audience in TKO, suggestions are naturally welcome however do note that we'll be working pretty much under strict guidance from the Nippon Foundation supervisors. We can collate and summarise suggestions at the end of the day and present them to the supervisor at the end of each day.
Hey Q,
Good to know.
I am on board, and am happy to be told what to do by the co-ordinators on the ground as I am sure they know what is best and what the needs are Smile

Thanks again for letting us know about this chance to help.
I'm gonna put up a calendar to track invites. I've got friends from overseas that wanna fly to help too and misc friends here and there. It's gonna be hard for me to track.

Calendar invite will be up in a minute Big Grin. Thx guys!!

Edit: Calendar done on 1st post Big Grin.
I spoke to Junya, and he is in as well. He doesn't have internet access tonight though so he will sign-up tomorrow.
He has a vehicle as well, can seat four (he, I, and two others).
I'm working on Golden Week... no days off except weekends >_<

Make the whole TKO team proud guys... really wish I could come along that time...
Ginga, cheers! Thanks! That's good to know. Glad he's got a car 'cos we're having a shortage at the moment and renting to drive one up there is expensive.

I will tell you guys what kinda equipment you'll need tomorrow (for long weekend shopping).
Ginga, I've updated the calendar to add a Guests column. You can add Junya there without having him to log in (maybe you can add brackets to say he's got a car).
I'm closing this now. It seems we have 8 people. The expectation is to go in two cars - Ian's (work friend) & Junya's. Can you please confirm Junya's car can be used?

Tonight we will call the Nippon Foundation supervisor to confirm. He's busy now so we can only talk to him at night.

What will be required would be :-

1) waterproof overalls
2) high wellington boots with steel inner sole plates (we may inadvertently step on nails)
3) high cut waterproof gloves
4) inner padded gloves
5) strong plastic masking tape to tape boots up to waterproof pants
6) hard hat
7) face mask
8) goggles/glasses (keep dust and general eye protection)
9) canned food that can be easily opened for lunch (bring your plastic forks, etc.)
10) wet wipes
11) bottle water
12) protein or snack bars (anything that can be opened/peeled easily without your dirty fingers touching directly)

13) sleeping bag/pillow
14) towel
15) soap/shampoo

16) Daily change of underwear
17) new shirt everyday (but can wear same pants for a few days)
18) Fleece
19) pain killers
20) portable phone battery charger
21) Personal Insurance (VERY IMPORTANT - you CANNOT work without it)
22) Driver's license if you have one (you may need to drive dump trucks - regular size. But if you have a special license for driving extra large/heavy vehicles, that would be welcome too).

OPTIONAL (If the organiser cannot give us accomodation)
23) [Share] Tent
24) [Self] Breakfast/Dinner food
25) [Share] Gas stove
26) [Self] Body wipes (assume you may not get a shower)

I'm sure there's more but please bear in mind that there's limited space in the car. Don't worry about work equipment (shovels, chainsaws, etc). The volunteer organisation can provide those.
Hello everyone. I just went to Sophia University today, and met a representative from Second Harvest Japan.

Second Harvest is an NPO that works in the field of taking unneeded food and re-distributing again.

They say that if there are people who are going to volunteer, just give them a call and they may be able to provide some food.

here's the link for the NPO's website

Sorry guys, but my school insisted on having class during GW, so I can't participate this time...
I spoke with a member of their board today as well, and I am going to visit with him over the weekend.

Sean, this is the same group I mentioned to you.
Yeah, my office have links with members of the 2nd Harvest as we officially support them. Talking to the organisations in Ishinomaki specifically, supplies isn't the concern. Manpower is what they lack (although they may get too much during GW).

Iwate and some of the other town where there's little organisation, or for town where the locals refuse to leave their homes to go to an evac centre, they are the ones lacking supplies. We've got no plans to go to such places yet.
Sorry I wasn't able to find transport and had to drop out on you Q.

Best of luck, and hope you make good progress on clean-up.

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