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Magpul pts Masada replacement motor
Hey guys! Just wanna ask for help about my magpie masada. My motor broke so I'm really trying to find a good replacement right now. Thanks!
Which Magpul Masada? A&K? Or PTS?
PTS bro. Thanks!
OK so it uses a short motor. It's soldered on to the motor so hopefully you have soldering and unsoldering skills. I actually have a couple of spare short motors which I don't mind getting rid off so if you want, PM me. I have the original PTS motor and an AE Planet 1000.
i'm really rooting for a high torque motor... what would be a good brand? if you have one, i'll be really glad to buy it from you. the problem is, i live in nagoya...
OK guess you won't want the stock PTS motor then. Here's the Planet AE 1000 motor. Specs are :-

PLANET AE1000+ motor tunes up your Airsoft AEG with high performance
Dual Bearings Design Turbo Speed
NdFeB magnet offer stronger magnetic & longer durability
High-Speed motor bring your AEG to next level
(Note: Self-assembly is required, consult expertise if needed)
Caution for High Magnetism

Specification: (For reference only, it might vary from cop-operation with other parts)
Highest Temperature Withstand: 120°C
Highest Power Spring: M155
General Rate of Fire: 27~35rds
Highest Rate of Fire: 38rds
Suggest to use battery: 11.1V Li-Po 2200mAh 20C (Volt of Battery 12V is NOT recommended)

So with the neodymium magnets, it's pretty high torque. However I am curious why you're interested in a high torque. Normally it'll be for pulling very strong springs. However with JP limits, high torque aren't really needed. The only other reason I'd guess is for improving trigger response? But that's usually for a V2 mechanical trigger rather than microswitch.

Don't mind me. I'm just curious Big Grin.

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