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[COMPLETED] TKO at Area 51
Yeah guys, please do clean up your own rubbish. Thx to Chaos for cleaning that up and apologies you had to do it.
yeah, that's not cool. Sorry you had to do that Chaos. I hope that the rubbish bin was that drum fire pit cos that is where I put my rubbish...
ExclamationRight in the clacker!
Agreed, sorry to leave you hanging like that Chaos. I took my garbage with me, but I should have swept my area up a bit more.
No big deal guys - usually I always see everyone making an effort to clean up, just for some reason this past weekend there was trash left behind.

Still haven't gotten the pictures from my friend... will follow-up. (unfortunately, don't think he took any during the games, I think they are all safety area pics).
Yeah, sorry about that man. I'll make sure to do a full clean up next time.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"

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