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[COMPLETED] TKO at Area 51
Three more guests added (total six guests for me)
No BBQ for me. Thanks though.
is it even allowed?
I am pretty sure that there were dudes with camp burners and the like when we played a public game last year. Chaos can you recall?
Field owner said BBQ is fine - but we have to bring all our own stuff, they won't provide anything for us.

Unfortunately I'm in a seminar all day today and won't be able to help organize or buy BBQ related stuff.

Don't forget it's going to be 24 degrees, so anything that is perishable will need to be in a cooler box with ice...
I think we'll all be too sweaty and tired to have enough spare energy for a BBQ ^^

Thanks Wez for the offer though!
Great day boys and girls, thank you all!! Hope your ankle heals YCare!
Yeah thanks everyone, had a fun day in spite of that late ankle twist.

Few hours are passed, less swollen than it was thanks to ice packs, and no color change... yet! So it seems like I should be able to walk again ^^

Thanks everyone for getting me out of that ditch and back to the safety area Wink
Awesome awesome day. Thanks to Q, Ben, Ycare, and Kiwiglen for organizing. the whole day went great. Big thanks to the Japanese players who came out. They were class acts, the lot of them. Ben, if they're your people, please tell them it was a lot of fun playing with and against them. To everyone else who came out, I had a lot of fun. Good game, people! Thank you all!
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Fun day all around. Thanks to all the organizers for setting things up!
[Image: area51033.jpg]
man down!
[Image: area51019.jpg]

[Image: area51020.jpg]
this is airsoft! guns make men smile!

great game guys! SPY GAMES was a lot of fun! see you on the nigh games!

Ahah, nice pics Wez! Hope we get to see the pics from our Japanese friends too, it seems they took a lot!
great day. Thanks to the organizers and to everyone who participated, was a lot of fun.
It is a great field just for the realism factor. The hide-and-seek games were fun! Not sure about the VIP game but that was only because Kiwi, Tesla and I were slogging up thickly covered slopes somewhere in C field.
ExclamationRight in the clacker!
Great day guys. Thanks for coming out and making it a good one. Personally thought it was nice with the 10 vs 10 turnout, and the games that Ycare and Kiwiglen thought up were quite fun.

Also enjoyed the field - great terrain and was a good size - I think even after a full day running around there, I still haven't seen or figured out all the ins-and-outs of the place. Although the safety area leaves a lot to be desired, I'm looking forward to another game there.

Please continue with the feedback on the games we played yesterday, it's good info for next time.

Speaking of next time... given we barely made twenty people this game, unless there is overwhelming support to have a July and/or August game, we may not reserve anything and just hit up public games. Thoughts?

Lastly, I'm going to get copies of the photos that my friend took, and will upload when ready, but I did take one photo. I won't comment on it much, as it's quite self-explanatory, but basically took this after pretty much everyone left. Although this isn't typically an issue with our private games, was surprised at what was left to clean up (this was taken halfway through the clean-up actually)...

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im in for public night games! whoever is going whenever just hit me up! as for the garbage shame on you wesley!

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