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[POSTPONED] Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Charity Event

Event: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Charity Event

This event has been postponed until June.

There will still be (non-charity) gaming to be had at BB Jungle on April 23rd - please visit FTT's website for details.

Location: BB Jungle
Date: Saturday 23rd April 2011


TKO has joined up with Fire Team Tokyo and BB Jungle on a charity event raising funds for the Japan Red Cross' efforts relating to the recent Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

BB Jungle has kindly agreed that all game fees will be pure donation - no middleman on this one.

We will also be looking to hold a raffle, with prizes donated by organizers (and hopefully shops) - again, all proceeds going to the central donation. On top of game and raffle proceeds, we'll also accept donations in the form of goods and other supplies (details to follow). This game will be open to all players at all levels - feel free to bring your friends and family, let's make this one big!

Looking to be a great day - get your shoot on, and donate to a good cause.

The impacted areas of Japan are suffering in ways many of us cannot fathom. If you've had a good experience here and recognize the warmth and kindness in the Japanese hearts, please think about giving back to those that need it.


Sign-up Here:


BB Jungle Website:

Gates / ゲート: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Games / ゲーム: 10:00 ~ 17:00
Price / 料金: JPY 2,500 per person
Lunch / 昼: Bento available (Reservation Needed) / 弁当あり(要予約)- JPY 700


Rental (Reservation Needed) / レンタル装備料金 (要予約)
・AEG / 電動ガン 2,500円/1日
・BDU / 迷彩服 ジケット/パンツ 1000円
・Goggle / ゴーグル・フェイスガード付 500円
・Boots and hat rental not available / 靴及び帽子のレンタルは扱っておりません

For sale at Field / フィールドで販売
・Bio BB / バイオBB 弾 0.2g/ 1,000円 per bag


Address: Chiba-Ken, Chiba-shi, Midori-ku, Takada-cho 1589-2

Access Map / アクセス:
Google Map: Here

TKO Rules:
For Newcomers :
For English Rules :



Sign-up Here:

I participate in the charity game.

Sorry, I have a plan for family member's birthday on the day.
oh... why this has to coincide with school orientation... T_T
TKO members,

Thank you so much for jumping on board with this event.
We are currently securing more sponsors, but at this point BB Jungle is offering us the field, and ORGA (shop in Tanashi) is helping organize Japanese players.

More info coming soon about prizes and donation opportunities.

Here is a Japanese poster that I have made. Feel free to print copies and give them to your Japanese friends, co-workers, or anyone else that you think might be interested in coming to this event.

Hope to see you there!
Hello everyone,
I spoke with BB Jungle a few days ago and we decided to postpone this event until a later date.
With it coming up in just over a week, we didn't think that we had managed to advertise and collect the number of people that we had hoped to reach.

We will be rescheduling the game for early June, and hope that you can join us then.

In the meantime, the booking will be used as a regular game, non-charity game. If you would still like to come play please do so.
Thanks, and my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
Awesome!!!! As long as it's early June I can go!
King of Questions
I'm still up for a regular game this weekend!
Hey Shadow (and others)

We still have the booking for this Saturday at BB Jungle.
Even though it won't be a charity game we will still be playing.

Right now we have low numbers, so it will probably be a tactical, real count type game of 6 vs 6.
Let me know if you would like to join us.
Looks like tomorrow is going to be a rainy day, so we are probably going to cancel. The field has asked me to call in the morning, so I will make an announcement here sometime around 5:30 ~ 6:00am.
Today is officially rain cancelled Sad
Has a date been decided in June for this, or any other, charity event?

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