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I'm getting ready to move to London for work, and importing Airsoft guns to the UK is not particularly easy. So I'm getting rid of my guns here, and will be looking at replacing in the UK. Details are below, I need to shift these in the next 2 weeks, so either pick up in Okusawa, Setagaya-ku or meet-up somewhere like Shibuya/Shinagawa/Ebisu. I'll take best offer on these, and yes that does mean I will give them away although I do hope to get a reasonable offer.

King Arms Troy M7A1 - WGC product detail [SOLD]
Stock airsoft gun. This is a little under-powered, so it's best suited to CQB or for someone who wants to do some tuning. Full metal body, comes with a Li-PO battery, a UK plug charger (100-240V), and 2 extra mags. I bought it in Nov 2008, and it was my main gun for a year so it's seen about 10 games of active use.

Tokyo Marui SOPMOD M4 - WGC product detail [SOLD]
Stock airsoft gun. I picked this up in March 2010, and enjoyed it massively. Unfortunately I didn't get to play with it as much as I wanted due to work. I think it's a great starter piece for anyone. It comes with one spare battery, a charger, and 3 extra mags.


Sending PM
Sad to see you leave mate, you were a worthy opponent / valuable teammate Sad
It's been a good time playing with everyone, will miss the games and the atmosphere here
Glad you found buyers.
Best of luck to you Chuckles.

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