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Here's a thread of ASTIG game invites. This thread will be edited as their games update. The next one coming up is on March 12th, TKO has been offered if we want to form a team.

The price is Y20,000 for up to 40 ppl. Therefore if ASTIG gets 40 ppl, that's only Y500/pp.

Game Details:

Private Game by ASTIG.1521
Gamesite: AREA 51 -
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011

The AREA 51 Game Field Management requires green and brown bio BBs only. White colored BBs are not acceptable and anyone caught using it will be fined.

Please reply here for confirmation of attendance and the list will be updated.

List of Attendees:


1. Torch
2. Shat
3. Liquid
4. Ghost
5. Comet
6. Bogando
7. Agila
8. Rex

1. Amazona


1. GingaNinga
2. Rooboy
3. ThunderMidget
4. KiwiGlen
5. Ycare
6. Junya

1. BeaverAssasin

PAIN Japan

1. Lifes26
2. Wired
3. Pepper

1. Quiconjin
2. Doc



1. TheBackhander
Thanks Q.

Everyone from TKO are very much welcome to join us.
I've just fallen ill...I'll see how I go in the week. If I recover quickly, I'll try to make it to the game.
tentative +1, 2 of 2 broken planes. Might be working this weekend, if not im definately going. I'll know more tomorrow, but for sure ill know by thursday.
Update, 1 of 2 broken planes. Slighty less chance of working this weekend.
Q and TheBackhander.. I hope you can make it.

Below is the schedule and the list of scenarios..

Schedule - Our schedule is tight and we will try to stick to it. We will be in the gamefield at 8AM, set-up and familiarize the field for scenarios. 8 Games in the morning and 4 games and 2 campaigns in the afternoon for a total of 7 hours of shooting. We will have 5-min breaks in between games, it will be quick, so load up and get ready for the next game as soon as 1 game ends.

0800H Arrival/Set-up
0945H Briefing/Photo Shoot
1000H Pistol Game 1A
1015H Pistol Game 1B
1030H Pistol Game 2A
1045H Pistol Game 2B
1100H Scenario 1A
1130H Scenario 1B
1200H Scenario 2A
1230H Scenario 2B
1300H Lunch
1400H Scenario 3A
1415H Scenario 3B
1430H Scenario 4A
1445H Scenario 4B
1500H Campaign 1
1600H Campaign 2
1700H Pack-up/Departure


1. Pistol Game 1 – Standard Pistol Game, semi-auto only. Kill all, no re-spawn. 2 Teams. 10 mins.

2. Pistol Game 2 – Semi-auto, 4 teams. All teams start in each corner, will converge in the middle of the game field to capture the flag. First team to capture flag wins. No re-spawn. 10 mins.

3. Scenario 1 – Similar with Pistol Game 2.

4. Scenario 2 – We Will Team Roll You. 4 Teams. Full-auto. No respawn. Kill all. Remaining team wins.

5. Scenario 3 – Operation Sabotage. 2 Teams. Game starts with Semi-auto. Team 1 is divided into 3 and defends 3 bombing targets. Team 2 can attack any bombing target, kill all defenders in that target and plant the bomb. Planting and detonating the bomb takes 5 mins, so Team 2 should defend the target until countdown of the bomb expires. When the bomb is being planted, other Team 1 players can then leave their defensive mode and go attack mode with Full-auto to attack Team 2 and try to stop their bombing mission. Dead Team 1 players can then re-spawn from the gamesite entrance and go full-auto and join the offensive to attack Team 2. Total Time 10 mins. Team 2 only have an initial 5 minutes to attack a bombing target kill all defenders and initiate the bombing sequence or all will fail.

6. Scenario 4 – Firepower Rush – 2 Teams, starts in opposite corners, each players with just 1 mag of 30 rounds and/or a semi-auto pistol with 2 extra mags. Teams rush to the middle of the gamefield where their extra mags are located. Take the extra mags and kill all. 10 mins.

7. Campaign 1 – History Repeats Itself. 2 Teams with 2 counters each. 1 Counter in the re-spawn base for clicking death counts and 1 counter in the flag base for the opposing team to click capture counts. Both teams will try to capture the flag of opposing teams over and over again. A player captures the flag by clicking the counter once and then goes back to their re-spawn site to start over. He doesn't have to click the death counter after re-starting from a capture, only from deaths. Total number of captures will be subtracted from the number of deaths of the team. The team with the least number wins. Full-auto. Unlimited re-spawns. 1 hour.

8. Campaign 2. Rebels. 2 teams. 1 counter each. Each counter will be put in the base. Each base will have color bands (i.e. Yellow and Red). If a player is hit, the players will go the opposing base and becomes one of them, remove the former color band and puts in the new color band, then he can re-spawn and kill his former teammates. If a team successfully converted all opposing players, click the counter once, and game re-starts, all players will return to their original team, swap bands. Full-auto, 1 hour, team with least count wins.
Sorry for the late show up...Thanks to Indonesia's poor internet connection, going online is (sometimes) a painful procedure here...

Can I still sign in?

And is there any chance to join a carpool?
(10-03-2011, 02:13 AM)ace5kills Wrote: Sorry for the late show up...Thanks to Indonesia's poor internet connection, going online is (sometimes) a painful procedure here...

Can I still sign in?

And is there any chance to join a carpool?

Thank you for your interest. You can still sign in.

For the car pool, we have a convoy leaving Meguro Station at around 7AM. If you are far from this destination, please see the attendees from the FTT list and see if you know one or two and please contact them for the car pool.
The chances of me making it to the field is very slim now. I've not been to work for about 3.5 days and simply can't shake this cough away.

I live at Sakurajosui station, Keio line, and it'll took me around 30 minutes to reach Meguro...
Any address for the field? Couldn't find the map on the link provided... sorry!
Sent via MMS
Sorry guys...This is kinda stupid... but I just realized that I twisted my ankle last week and it's still painful if I used it aggressively (that is, running and jumping inside a forest Big Grin)...

and so... I've got to resign from this game...

Sorry guys...
Name list edited. Sadly I don't think I can go too...although I made it to the office today, I may leave early and work from home later in the afternoon.
Due to the recent big earthquake, I am sad to say that this game is cancelled.

Aftershocks are still coming ang there is a possibility that a strong one will still come tonight or tomorrow, be safe everyone.

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