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[CLOSED] Bunch of stuff / House Leaving
Guys, I'm moving and clearing things out of my closets, all the below is free, but you'll need to come pick it up within a week since I'm moving out on the 15th.

- Metropolis (Osamu Tezuka version) region 2 with storyboard included
- Matrix, region 2
- Matrix Reloaded, region 1
- Matrix Revolutions, region 1
- Heat, region 2
- Blues Brothers, region 2
- Amelie, region 2
- The Longest Engagement, region 2
- Cast Away, region 2
- Castle In The Sky, region 2
- Zatoichi, region 2

- X360 - Mercernaries 2, Asia region [HELD]
- X360 - Ace Combat 6/Lost Planet Colonies, Japanese region (was sold with the Xbox) [HELD]
- X360 - Risen, Asia region [HELD]
- X360 - Fallout 3, Asia region [HELD]
- PC - Battlefied 2 Deluxe Edition [HELD]

- Myst, The Book of Ti'Ana (Rand Miller)
- Myst, The Book of D'ni (Rand Miller)
- Physics of The Impossible (Michio Kaku)
- Bioshock's Art Book
- And a couple of Artsy books

- A modded Xbox 360 which can read burnt games, but banned from Xbox Live, so local game only. Not bad though since you can download games for free... [HELD]
- Small TV furniture bought at Loft few years back (Glen might have dibs on that one, but not sure).
- An analog flat TV, works fine.

First come, first served! Big Grin
XBOX and games?
Yes indeed Smile
then thanks a lot if they are available :-)
Battlefield 2 please!!!! Smile
King of Questions
Sure, you think you can drop by before the 15th though? Maybe we can do the exchange for New Vegas at that time then!
I'll try man!
Where would we meet?
King of Questions
Tatsumi station, Yurakuchou line!
Meh, ok, this can be closed, most of it is gone now and I'll just throw away the DVDs which are left.
As per forum rules, [ls update the subject and it'll be filed away. Cheers.

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